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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Casa Maria (College Dr.)

Bite and Booze: Casa Maria on College Dr. in Baton Rouge, LA Friday evening after work I went to visit one of my former students, Fahim, to talk about life and see what he was up to. Fahim works at Casa Maria on College Drive along with Alba, another one of my former students that I have stayed in touch with. Because of it's close proximity to Lee High, Brent and I would often go there for happy hour drinks or  for after baseball practice dinner. Other teachers would also come in fairly often, and I really think that Fahim and Alba enjoyed seeing their teachers in a setting that was outside the classroom.

Steak Quesadilla at Casa Maria

The food at Casa Maria is pretty standard Tex-Mex style cuisine.  There is nothing on the menu that really jumps out at me, but nothing that I've ever ordered has been bad either.  Like most "Mexican" restaurants, Casa Maria serves free chips and salsa, and their version is pretty tasty, though nothing unique.  The steak quesadilla that I had was loaded with steak fajita meat and cheese and served with sour cream, guacamole, and jalapenos.  Like everything else, it is great for a quick, cheap meal or snack, but nothing that makes my mouth water.  When I go to Casa Maria it is always way more about the staff, the friends, and the drink specials.  Some decent food is usually an after thought and after 6 to 8 Dos Equis and three baskets of chips and salsa, the entree usually doesn't matter that much.  I'll keep going back as long as Fahim and Alba are there, and I'll keep eating, but I won't have my hopes up that I'm going to get a real culinary treat, just some pretty good Mexican food at a pretty fair price.

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