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Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Culinary Adventure on Government Street Part I: Bistro Byronz

Wednesday evening Eusebio and I were hungry and bored... usually not a good combination. For us, however, it was just a good excuse for a culinary adventure. I had heard of a few things that I needed to eat since I started this blog and we decided to go give them a try. Bistro Byronz on Government Street was our first stop. We walked in and sat at the bar, ordered a couple drinks, and looked over their menu.  The restaurant is fairly small and creates a cozy atmosphere for its diners.  We were there to try the Blue Cheese Chips... a plate of freshly sliced, thin cut, golden fried, unsalted homemade potato chips that is topped with a creamy blue cheese sauce and chucks of crumbled, fresh blue cheese and garnished with some green onions.

Blue Cheese Chips at Bistro Byronz

Let me tell you friends, they were worth they hype.  I'm not going to sit here and type that they were the best things that I've ever eaten or that they deserve a Nobel Peace Prize or anything, but they were pretty damn tasty!  The potatoes were everything you want in a homemade chip.  They were light and crunchy with the perfect thickness to provide a great dipping mechanism.

We also ordered a couple of other items just to give them a try and give us a little variety.  The two dishes we tried were the carrot souffle and the Abita chili.

Carrot Souffle at Bistro Byronz

Abita Chili at Bistro Byronz

The carrot souffle was sweet and smooth, although in my opinion was a little too runny.  It tasted like candy in the same style as candied yams during Thanksgiving but the texture was almost more of a thick soup than a creamy souffle.  Still, the taste was great and being an item that you can't order everywhere in town, was worth a try.  The Abita chili was a little disappointing.  It had no flavor of any Abita beer whatsoever.  The taste was fairly ordinary even with the addition of cheese, sour cream, and chives, and would be easy to duplicate at home.  On tap of that, the chili was served at a luke warm temperature which was not even enough to melt the shredded cheese.

Bistro Byronz also makes a dessert that we wanted to taste but we were going to sample some dishes at another place on Government Street as well so we got it to go and ate it when we were back at home.  The Bistro Bread Pudding was a delicious dessert that had blueberries baked in and was covered with a vanilla cream sauce.  The texture was not as firm as I would like and felt like it may have needed a little more time in the oven.  It almost had a custard texture which seemed odd for a bread pudding of that nature.  The vanilla sauce was good but not out of this world.  The Bistro Bread Pudding was certainly a good treat but not the best bread pudding I've ever had.

I enjoyed our samples from Bistro Byronz but we weren't there to eat a full meal as we had another place to go try.  We left still hungry and made our way to Opie's Cajun Cafe for some more.  To read about that part of the adventure go to the next post.

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