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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LSU vs Ole Miss: Tony Chachere's Tailgating Cook-off

The final home football game of the season saw Ole Miss come to town.  It also brought the Tony Chachere's Tailgating Cook-off to LSU where I had the pleasure of representing LSU in the finals against Ole Miss and Mississippi State.  Enjoy the video from the tailgating cook-off.  It sure was a good time, and I'd go so far as to say that I won!  Oh wait... yeah, I DID WIN!!!  Geaux Tigers!  (If the video won't load for you below, you can go straight to it on

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  1. Mele Kalikemaka, Jay! ("Merry Christmas" in Hawaiian)Congratulations on your triumphant win! Glad it was during the LSU v. Ole Miss game. Geaux to hell Ole Miss! I truly enjoy reading your blog because it reminds me of home even being all the way out here in Hawaii. (You should visit for your blog. Lots of tasty tasty treats and things you can't pronounce.) Tell everyone I say "hi." Happy eating! - Lori (King) Stibb


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