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Monday, December 27, 2010

PurpleGold (The Tiger in Me)

While this video isn't directly food or drink related (other than the scene where I eat grass), I still felt like I should share this with all my Bite and Booze friends.  I made this video with Tommy Talley and Freddy Mince from TommysTV as well as Geno and Ian Von with the music.  It also stars John Worrel and MIKE THE TIGER!!  Check it out!!!

Also, just this morning WAFB in Baton Rouge picked it up and aired some of the video on the local news. Thanks to Graham Ulkins for bringing it to the masses! You can see that clip HERE!

Please help us spread the word about this video. A lot of work went into the production of it, and we want all LSU fans to see it!  Oh, and if you want one of those awesome PurpleGold shirts, we got them from Tiger District!

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