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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hollywood Casino's Bourbon Dinner

The funny thing about bourbon dinners is that while they are supremely delicious, you don't always remember the fine details of the evening.  The Hollywood Casino in Baton Rouge had a bourbon dinner a little while back and I had the pleasure of attending.  I knew the night would be good when they were passing out whiskey sours and mint juleps upon arrival!

What I don't remember is exactly which bourbons were in each drink.  I know I had some Bookers, Bakers, Knob Creek and more... but I can't tell you which bourbons are photographed above.  I looked for notes and couldn't find that either.  Ah, bourbon, how I love you!

We had a salad.  It was, well, as salad.  There were some mixed greens.  And sprigs of thyme.  I recall the salad being really good, but I was far more concerned with the bourbon.  Oops!

I did mention that there was more bourbon, right?  This reminds me of my time on MasterChef

Okay, I do remember the steak.  This was actually a buffalo ribeye topped with a garlic and bourbon infused butter!  The tender buffalo meat caressed my tongue as it partied with the lingering bourbon in my mouth.  The grilled endive that accompanied the steak really stood out as well.  I was a happy man after this course... I just needed more bourbon!

We finished the meal with a bourbon milkshake and a chocolate raspberry cake.  I really can't argue with that.  At all.  The shake had a great flavor that tasted of bourbon but not so much that it stung.  

I know when I left this meal I had a big smile on my face.  Every dish pleased the palate and even more importantly, the bourbon reduced my inhibitions enough to go play a little blackjack.  I was way up until I had a huge hand that I had to split and double down on... then I got robbed.  Oh well.  Such is life in a casino, but at least I had some tasty bourbon to drown my gambling sorrows!

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  1. That Buffalo Ribeye looks awesome, great with the free flowing Bourbon! Very cool.


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