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Monday, July 2, 2012

Me and My Big Mouth Podcast

Charles Pierce and Jay Ducote record the Me and My Big Mouth Podcast
Charles Pierce and Jay Ducote recording Me and My Big Mouth
Last week I had the pleasure of being on the "Me and My Big Mouth" podcast hosted by Baton Rouge's own Charles Pierce and Michael Gremillion.  Streaming through the interwebs and iTunes for almost a year now, these guys have been putting together a podcast worth listening to.  Lately they've been trying more and more to get guest on the show so they can talk about what other people have going on in the Red Stick.  I met Charles through social media and then some beers at the Cove, and he invited me to come on the show.  We chatted about the history of Bite and Booze, the path that it has taken, advice I have for other people, my journey on Master Chef, and a few other rants and raves about local happenings.  Hopefully you'll be entertained as well as possibly a little informed.  You can find the guys on Facebook and Twitter.  Also check out the two links below for Episode 47, which is the one I'm on.  It had to be broken into two parts because apparently I talk too much... or have a lot to say, anyway.  Cheers!

Me and My Big Mouth Podcast
Jay Ducote guests on the Me and My Big Mouth Podcast

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