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Monday, August 20, 2012

Raise a Glass Beer Olympics

Gold Medal Winners for the Raise a Glass Beer Olympics
Raise a Glass, a show I host on WHYR 96.9 FM Baton Rouge Community Radio, recently completed a 14 episode run of the "Beer Olympics."  The program is about the history, traditions, culture, production, and, of course, consumption of alcoholic beverages.  We dedicated our entire 4th season of the show to beer in an event called the Beer Olympics.  Each beer style served as a separate event for the Olympics in which only one beer from each country could enter.  Fortunately for us, The Cove has over 660 beers available from all over the world, so finding a selection to please our palates didn't prove to be too difficult.  Just for kicks, we also threw in some random categories that were not matched by the style of the beer.  Each category had an average of around 8 beers to sample.  All in all we had 16 countries medal in 18 events.  No beer could ever be entered twice.  Judging was done by myself, Eric Ducote from BR Beer Scene, James Lawson, and Jeremy Spikes.  Here are the medal winners from the Raise a Glass Beer Olympics.  You can also listen to all of the archived episodes including the medal ceremony right here the Raise a Glass page or you can subscribe through iTunes.  New episodes of the show air Fridays at 6 PM and replay Sundays at 4 PM.

Listen to the Medal Ceremony Episode of Raise a Glass:

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Best Sellers from Around the World (Top seller from each country)
Gold - Guinness, Ireland
Silver - Carlsberg, Denmark
Bronze - Stella Artois, Belgium

Session Beers (Under 5% ABV)
Gold - Mikkeler Dream, Denmark
Silver - Engels Bitter, Netherlands
Bronze - 80 Shillings Scottish Heavy, Scotland

Strong Beers (10% ABV or stronger)
Gold - Brouwerij De Molen Heaven and Hell, Netherlands
Silver - JW Lee's Harvest Calvados, England
Bronze - North Coast Old Stock, USA

Name that Beer (Best tasting beers with crazy names or stories behind the names)
Gold - Brouwerij De Molen Cease & Desist, Netherlands
Silver - Mikkeler IBeatU, Denmark
Bronze- DeDulle Dulle Teve (Mad Bitch), Belgium

Oldest Breweries (Beers from the oldest breweries in each country)
Gold - Gouden Carolus Tripel, Belgium
Silver - Weihenstephaner Korbinian Doppelbock, Germany
Bronze - Belhaven Wee Heavy, Scotland

21st Century Breweries (Beers from breweries started in the 2000s)
Gold - Parish Canebrake, USA
Silver - To ol/Mikkeler Ovral IPA, Denmark
Bronze - Meantime IPA, England

Top 100 Beers in the World (Showdown of brews that appear in "top 100 beers in the world lists")
Co-Gold - Rochefort 10, Belgium
Co-Gold - Unibroue La Fin Du Monde, Canada
Silver - Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, England
Bronze - Weihenstephaner Hefe, Germany

Gold - Sweet Horizon, Norway
Silver - Nils Oscar, Sweden
Bronze, NOLA Irish Channel, USA

Farmhouse Ales/Saisons
Gold - Anchorage Love Buzz, USA
Silver - Gavroche, France
Bronze - Kissmeyer Denied Entry, Denmark

German Style Lagers
Gold - Ayinger Celebrator, Germany
Silver - Abita Andygator, USA
Bronze - Moa, New Zealand

Gold - Duchesse De Bourgogne, Belgium
Silver - Stone Levitation Ale, USA
Co-Bronze - O'Hara's Irish Red, Ireland
Co-Bronze - Belhaven Scottish, Scotland

Gold - JW Lee's Lagavulin Harvest, England
Silver - Bommen & Grenaten, Netherlands
Co-Bronze - BrewDog/Mikkeller Collab Devine Rebel, Scotland
Co-Bronze - Nils Oscar, Sweden

Gold - Renaissance Elemental, New Zealand
Silver - Sinebreychoff, Finland
Co-Bronze - Rogue Mocha, USA
Co-Bronze - Carlsberg Carnegie, Sweden

Pale Ales
Gold - Orval Trappist Ale, Belgium
Silver - Belzebuth, France
Bronze - Re Ale Extra, Italy

Brown Ales
Gold - Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale, England
Silver - 8 Wired Brown, New Zealand
Bronze - Baird Angry Boy Brown, Japan

Gold - Ommegang Witte, USA
Silver - Hitachino Nest Weizen, Japan
Bronze - St. Bernardus Wit, Belgium

Trappist Style
Gold - Le Trappe Quad, Netherlands
Silver - Chimay Blue, Belgium
Bronze - Unibreu Maudite, Canada

Gold - Mikkeler 19, Denmark
Silver - Piraat, Belgium
Bronze - Stone IPA, USA

Lineup of Gold Medal Winning Beers

Beer Olympics Medal Count:

Points Gold=3 Silver=2 Bronze=1, (Total #)

Belgium 19 pts (9)
USA 17 pts (9)
Denmark 13 pts (6)
Netherlands 13 pts (5)
England 11 pts (5)
New Zealand 6 pts (3)
Germany 6 pts (3)
Scotland 4 pts (4)
Sweden 4 pts (3) 
Ireland 4 pts (2)
France 4 pts (2)
Canada 4 pts (2)
Japan 3 pts (2)
Norway 3 pts (1)
Finland 2 pts (1)
Italy 1 pt (1)


  1. Great article. Looking forward to trying some of these. I was surprised that Schneider Aventinus did not medal. Did it even make the German team? Thanks for a new list of stuff to try.

  2. Thanks for the comment Angie. Schneider Aventinus did not make an appearance. That's definitely a great beer though! Perhaps we'll have to have it on another episode.

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