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Friday, October 25, 2013

225: Into the Mix Episode 7 - Anthony's Italian Deli

Anybody who ever asks me anything about hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Baton Rouge will hear me rave about Anthony's Italian Deli. I highlighted their muffaletta for Town Favorites magazine years ago when Bite and Booze first started. Country Roads magazine readers selected Anthony's muffaletta as the best sandwich in Baton Rouge in the 2012 Favorite Things issue after I got to name my top five. And now for 225, I return to Anthony's Italian Deli to try something new. The large meatball poboy is built on muffaletta bread and has a signature homemade red sauce that you really need to try! Check out what goes into the mix, then head down Florida Boulevard to try it for yourself!

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225: Into the Mix is a project from 225 Magazine's Dine NewslettertommysTV, and Bite and Booze. I'd like to especially thank Manda Fine Meats and the Paretti Family of Dealerships for their sponsorship of the series that helped make everything happen.

Hosted by Jay Ducote
Produced by Jay Ducote and Tommy Talley
Director of Photography: Dan Jones
Editor: Josh Carley
Audio: Michael Lane
Graphics by Elbow|Room
Production Assistant: Dustin Davis

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