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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Distiller's "Whiskey Deconstructed" Part 2 - The Distillation: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Lock & Key

Last week I shared with you part one of Distiller's 'whiskeygraphics' called Whiskey Deconstructed which featured the ever-important mash. This week we take a look at step two: distillation. The distillation is of course what makes a whiskey different from a beer. Okay, well, that and hops. But still, after fermentation of the malt, whiskey is distilled. However, not all distillation is equal. This 'whiskeygraphic' shows off the two types of stills used to make whiskey, pot and column stills, and then details the rest of the process from there.

While these whikseygraphics are great for a visual representation of whiskey making process, nothing compares to actually tasting different whisk(e)ys and enjoying the unique products themselves. Head on over to the Lock & Key Whiskey Bar if you're in Baton Rouge and enjoy a whiskey flight, flight school or Women & Whiskey for yourself!

whiskey deconstructed

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