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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tasting Whiskey: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Lock & Key

Tasting Whiskey by Lew Bryson
Tasting Whiskey by Lew Bryson
For this week's Whisk(e)y Wednesday we are going to hit you with some knowledge, proudly sponsored by the Lock & Key Whiskey Bar. Whiskey is enjoying a huge surge in popularity from all segments of the population. Whether it is Scotch, Irish, bourbon, rye, Canadian, Japanese, or artisan American whiskies, the spirit is flourishing. It is important for any imbiber to know where and how this impeccable liquor is created. Storey Publishing sent me a review copy of Tasting Whiskey, written by Whisky Advocate's managing editor Lew Bryson, and it is worth the read for all levels of enthusiasts.

From a guy who has spent the last 20 years immersed in the world of whiskey, our eyes are opened to how whiskey is made, how it is aged, and why it tastes the way it does. There are many “laughable” misconceptions that Bryson addresses, and it is essential that we debunk how we think whiskey is produced, aged, and spelled. Bryson takes the reader on an exploration of the whiskey world by further explaining the unique challenges of tasting it. Once we get through the basics, he discusses the many differences among whiskey regions and types, teaches us how to collect and store whiskey, and provides cocktail recipes and food pairings.

As we all dream to embark on our own whiskey journey, make sure you pick up one of the best whiskey books I’ve seen and absorb Bryson’s knowledge of the wonderful world of whiskey.

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