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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

8 Delicious Reasons You Should Get On Our Mailing List

by Sydney Blanchard

table setting

As you may or may not have heard, Jay and the Bite and Booze team have been hosting small intimate multi-course dinners for up to 12 people, and it's been a blast so far.

The way it works is this: we plan an incredible menu, usually centered around a theme. We create an Eventbrite page and share it with a small group of insiders, people who have attended our previous events.

Then, if we have tickets left, we'll send an email out to our newsletter subscribers letting them get in on the action. If we still have tickets left after that, we resort to social media.

The week of the event, we email ticket holders the location of the dinner.

It's kind of exclusive, and kind of secretive, and that's what makes it so much fun. You never know who else you might be dining with!

So go ahead and sign up for our newsletter to get the inside scoop on upcoming dinners. We hope to see you there!

bloody mary
Bloody Mary from our Valentine's Day Brunch

deviled egg
Jay D's Molasses Deviled Egg topped with picked shrimp

soda bread
Soda bread from our St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Smoked sausage and sweet potato hash from our Valentine's Day Brunch

blood orange
Blood Orange sorbet palate cleanser from Rue Rusike's Forage & Cook dinner

chocolate cake
Chocolate molten cake with figs and edible flowers from the Forage & Cook dinner

pork chop
Pork chop and colcannon at the St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Dominican style red beans and rice with stewed chicken and fried plantains, from a private dinner

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