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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Wakey Whiskey: Prichard's Lincoln County Lightning

by Eric Ducote

Good morning on this #wakeywhiskey gameday! Now, we all know LSU put on a defensive clinic last week, so the easy choice here would be to go back to the well and stick with the same whiskey, right? You're right, that would be easy. However, LSU was supposed to beat BYU and I'm not a superstitious person. So, since LSU is playing Chattanooga, I checked the liquor cabinet for Tennessee whiskeys. I didn't have any Jack Daniel's... but I did have some Prichard's, both the Double Chocolate Bourbon and the Lincoln County Lightning. I've been enjoying some white "moonshine" styled whiskeys lately, so I opted for the Lincoln County Lightning.

Prichard's opened in 1997, which is much younger than the established distilleries in Kentucky, Tennessee, and elsewhere, but still relatively old in the current era of craft spirits. They currently produce multiple types of rum, whiskey, and liqueur in two locations within the state.

Two of my last three #wakeywhiskey posts have featured white whiskey, and in both cases I really enjoyed the spirits. This Prichard's Lincoln County Lightning was one of my first introductions to white whiskey many years ago and I didn't really care for it at the time, but I wanted to break it back out and see if my tastes have changed... and they certainly have.

I used to find this spirit overly corn-sweet and a little harsh on the palate with an alcohol-induced burning sensation. I guess I've gotten more and more used to that feeling as the corn sweetness is still there but overall this whiskey goes down smoothly. The burn is replaced with a honeysuckle and corn sweetness that drinks like mineral water. It's pretty amazing really how my tastes on this one have changed, so I'm damn glad that I went back to the well and gave it another try.

An excellent start to my gameday morning, now #GEAUXTIGERS!

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