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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dram & Ale Tuesday: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Calandro's Supermarket

Last night debuted the initial Dram & Ale Tuesday at Olive or Twist on Perkins Road. I recently featured them in an article in The Advocate, but when I went in last night learned about this new drink special. Every Tuesday a handful of beers, featured whiskeys, and specialty whiskey cocktails will be marked down for your imbibing pleasure. Last night I stuck to whiskey, giving the Honey Tangerine Old Fashioned, French Sazerac, and Chocolate Manhattan all a try. Each one hit the spot, especially the Honey Tangerine Old Fashioned as I'm a sucker for Old Fashioneds these days. The cocktails will rotate each week on Dram & Ale Tuesdays, as will the featured beers and whiskeys. I couldn't resist one specialty choice on the menu below. A dram of Elijah Craig 21, normally priced at $25 at Olive or Twist, had been reduced to $10. I had one. And it was glorious. Check out Dram & Ale Tuesday next time you're in the mood, or just swing by Olive or Twist any time for a great cocktail!

Dram & Ale Tuesday at Olive or Twist with Elijah Craig 21

Whisk(e)y Wednesday is a blog post series on Bite and Booze sponsored by Calandro's Supermarket. Calandro's has one of Baton Rouge's best selections of bourbon, Scotch, Irish, and other whisk(e)ys as well as wine and craft beer. This WW feature was scored by Jay DucoteEric Ducote, and Jeremy Spikes. Scores are marked for Nose, Taste, Finish, and Balance and Complexity using our own proprietary scoring system. Marks are then added and averaged, leaving us with a final score out of a 100 point scale. Our scale should be looked at on the full range of 0-100 rather than an academic range where 70 is passing and anything less is failing. A 50 should be considered a very mediocre whisk(e)y (though not undrinkable) while anything below 20 is absolute horse piss and anything above 80 is rather extraordinary and anything above 90 is world class.

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