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Bite and Booze, LLC
PO Box 14296
Baton Rouge, LA 70898

Twitter: @biteandbooze
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Jay Ducote                                            
Chef, Writer, Speaker, Entertainer, Hugger
Owner, Bite and Booze, LLC and Hug Jay D, LLC
Founding Father, Gov't Taco

Jay has found a way to eat and drink for a living. Now he can't stop trying to grow all of his businesses. Find out more at
Twitter: @jayducote
Instagram: @jayducote
Facebook: Jay Ducote

Blair Loup
Chief Confusion Coordinator and Spin Doctor

Blair enjoys sharing the culinary cultures she finds herself in. She likes gin and oreos, but not together and enjoys programs on Netflix featuring strong female leads.

Chuck P.
Product Czar and Sauceror of Sales

Chuck is a drummer and a beer nerd. He also really likes cheeseburgers.

Chef Aimee Tortorich

Bite & Booze Culinary Director
Commander in Chef, Gov't Taco

Aimee, a Navy Veteran, grew up shucking corn husks in her family's kitchen and has grown into a true culinary talent. She loves sharing food and good vibes with everyone she meets and loves her pup Monty.