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Mission: To celebrate the food and beverage culture of Louisiana and everywhere I eat and drink.  

As a culinary media company, Bite and Booze, LLC creates food and beverage content that chronicles the cultural indulgent experiences of Jay D. Ducote. The blog,, shares stories about everything that Jay eats and drinks throughout his life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and his travels around the United States and the world. Bite and Booze is also a Taste Award winning radio show that airs on Talk 107.3 FM on Saturdays at 5 PM in Baton Rouge. Bite and Booze also has ventures in freelance writing, video production, on-camera talent, event planning, pop-up dinners, a barbecue sauce, and more culinary and beverage focused adventures.

© 2009-2016 All rights reserved. “Bite and Booze” is a trademark of Jay Ducote.

Bite and Booze / Jay Ducote in the Media

Jay Ducote on Food Network Star

BR Business Report - Gov't Taco 4/25/16
The Advocate - Gov't Taco 4/25/16
The Advocate - Crowds Celebrate In Style 4/23/16
The Advocate - Gov't Taco 4/19/16
BR Business Report - Gov't Taco 4/19/16 - James Beard Chefs & Champagne 4/14/16
Dig Baton Rouge - Gov't Taco 4/13/16
WAFB - Culinary Tourism 4/5/16
BR Business Report - Gov't Taco 4/4/16
BR Business Report - Tourism Panel 4/4/16
LSU Reveille - MLB Opening Day, Gov't Taco 4/4/16
Southern Living - Bloggers to Follow in 2016 4/1/16
The Advocate - MLB Opening Day 3/31/16
The Advocate - The Taste 3/30/16
225 Dine - Gov't Taco 3/30/16
The Advertiser - Gov't Taco 3/29/16
BR Business Report - Gov't Taco 3/29/16
The Advocate - Gov't Taco 3/28/16
The Advocate - Farmers Market 3/25/16
BR Business Report - Chefs on TV 3/24/16
DIG Baton Rouge - Life after Food Network Star 3/16/16
The Advocate - Gina Neely Eat & Greet 3/16/16
BR Business Report - Underground Supper Club 3/4/16
225 Dine - Underground Supper Club 3/2/16
Roll Call - Heard on the Hill - Jay in DC 2/9/16
International Business Times - Mardi Gras 2/5/16
The Daily Advertiser - #OfficeHouse 2/4/16
The Daily Advertiser - Meatballs 2/4/16
The Advocate Baton Rouge - Super Bowl 2/3/16
BR Business Report Daily AM Report 2/1/16
WBRC Absolutely Alabama Murder Point Oysters 2/1/16
Local 33 - BRProud - Jay D's Louisiana Molasses Mustard 1/22/16
BR Business Report - 5 tips for blogging success January 2016
BR Business Report - How Jay Ducote... January 2016
225 Magazine Cover Story - People to Watch - January 2016
225 Dine - Predicting 2016 Food Trends 12/30/15
The Advocate - Biggest Food Stories of 2015 12/24/15
Deep South Magazine - Gumbo and more 12/23/15
The Advocate - Leftovers - Aimee Tortorich 12/17/15
Baton Rouge Business Report - Molasses Mustard 12/11/15
Food Network Blog - Burgers, Brew & Que Season 2 12/10/15
225 Dine - Molasses Mustard 12/10/15
Taste of the South - A Taste of Jay Ducote's BR 12/7/15
WBRZ Jay D's BBQ Chili 12/4/15
The Advocate Farmers Market Weekend 12/2/15
BR Proud NBC 33 Jay D's Products Interview 12/2/15
Baton Rouge Business Report: Development 11/17/15 Life Profile 11/3/15
The Creole: LCI Sweet Rewards 10/23/15
The Advocate Tangipahoa: GnarBQ 10/21/15
Gambit Weekly: GnarBQ 10/13/15
Brewhound: NBWA Vegas 10/13/15
Shreveport Times - LSU vs South Carolina 10/10/15
The Creole: Jambalaya Jam 10/9/15
225 Dine James Beard House 10/7/15
225 Dine Jambalaya Jam King 10/7/15
The Creole: Jambalaya Jam King 10/2/15
RepCap: Coastal Social Preview 9/23/15
Shreveport Times: Foodie Pep Rally 9/23/15
Diva Foodies #FoodTVChat Recap 9/14/15
WBRZ Endorsements for Jay Dardenne 9/11/15 Cancer Services Capital Chefs' Showcase 9/11/15
225 Dine Halfway to St. Paddy's Bash 9/9/15
225 Dine Cooking Culture Video Series 9/9/15 Louisiana Cookin' Seafood Book 9/8/15
The Advocate Leftovers - Too Many Cooks 8/28/15
The Advocate Capital Chefs' Showcase 8/27/15
Movie News Guide FNS Finale 8/27/15
225 Dine Too Many Cooks Tin Roof 8/26/15
The Advocate Too Many Cooks Tin Roof 8/21/15
Baton Rouge Business Report FNS Learned 8/21/15
Baton Rouge Business Report Best Advice 8/19/15
225 Dine FNS Ep 11 8/19/15
UPROXX Film Drunk Finale Ep 11 8/19/15
Houston Press FNS Ep 11 8/18/15
The Advocate FNS Ep 11 8/18/15 LSU Football FNS Ep 11 8/17/15 Jay's Scrapbook 8/17/15
Baton Rouge Business Report New Products 8/17/15 FNS Ep 11 8/17/15
Tiger 100.7 FM FNS Ep 11 Interview 8/17/15 Food Network Star 8/16/15
Houston Chronicle Food Network Star 8/15/15
Baton Rouge Business Report FNS Ep 10 8/14/15
Eagle 98.1 Interview with Anna Betts 8/12/15
225 Dine FNS Ep 10 8/12/15 FNS Episode 10 8/10/15
The Advocate Ep 10 Post 8/10/15
The Advocate Ep 10 Preview 8/9/15
The News Star - Monroe - FNS Mention 8/8/15
Baton Rouge Business Report AM FNS Ep 9 8/7/15
225 Dine FNS Ep 9 8/5/15
Eagle 98.1 FNS Interview w Dan Day 8/5/15 FNS Episode 9 8/4/15
The Advocate - FNS Episode 8 8/3/15
The News Star Monroe - Best of the Delta 7/31/15
Baton Rouge Business Report AM - FNS 7/31/15
225 Dine Food Network Star Final Four 7/29/15
225 Dine Great Raft City Pork Been Dinner 7/29/15
The New Star - Monroe - Best of the Delta 7/29/15
The Daily Meal - America's Best Sandwiches 7/29/15
Dig Baton Rouge: FNS Ep 8 7/28/15 FNS Ep 8 7/27/15 Man of the Week 7/27/15
The News Star - Monroe - Best of the Delta 7/22/15
225 Dine FNS Episode 7 7/22/15 FNS Episode 7 7/20/15
Food Network Jeff's Star Report Ep 7 7/20/15
Bitter Lemon - Cooking Up a Crush 7/15/15
225 Dine FNS Ep 6 7/15/15
Food Network Jeff Mauro's Star Report Ep 6 7/13/15 FNS Episode 6 7/13/15
The New Star - Monroe - Best of the Delta 7/10/15
225 Dine FNS Ep 5 7/8/15
UPROXX FNS Power Rankings Week 5 7/6/15
Food Network Jeff Mauro's Star Report Ep 5 7/6/15 FNS Episode 5 7/6/15 FNS Ep 5 Recap 7/5/15 FNS Guy Fieri 7/4/15
DIG Baton Rouge: FNS Episode 4 7/2/15
225 Dine: FNS Episode 4 7/1/15
UPROXX FNS Power Rankings Week 4 6/29/15 FNS Episode 4 6/29/15 FNS Best Season Ever 6/29/15
225 Dine: FNS Episode 3 6/24/15
The Advocate Jay Ducote and Jesse Romero 6/24/15
DIG Baton Rouge FNS Episode 3 6/24/15
The 504 WWL TV FNS 6/23/15 FNS Episode 3 6/23/15
The 504 WWL TV FNS 6/22/15
UPROXX FNS Power Rankings Week 3 6/22/15
Talk 107.3 FM FNS Episode 3 Interview 6/22/15
Scene Magazine, Free Booze Friday 6/17/15
DIG Baton Rouge: FNS Episode 2 6/17/15
The Advocate: Free Booze Friday 6/17/15
UPROXX FNS Power Rankings Episode 2 6/17/15
225 Dine FNS and Free Booze Friday 6/17/15
KBYS 88.3 FM Lake Charles Radio Interview Food Network Star 6/16/15 Baton Rouge, FNS Episode 2 6/15/15
Baton Rouge Business Report Daily Report 6/12/15
DIG Baton Rouge: Southern Teddy Bear, FNS Episode 1 6/10/15
The Advocate: Cajun Cook Gets a Shot, FNS Episode 1 6/10/15
225 Dine: FNS Episode 1 6/10/15
Washington Post: Food Network Star Episode 1 6/9/15 Food Network Star Episode 1 6/8/15
Talk 107.3 FM Morning Drive, Food Network Star 6/8/15
WAFB Food Network Star Premiere Party 6/7/15
The Advocate: Local Takes Shot at 'Food Network Star' 6/6/15
Alexandria Town Talk, Food Network Star 6/5/15
Louisiana Radio Network Jim Engster Show: Food Network Star 6/5/15
The Advertiser, Lafayette: Food Network Star 6/5/15 Time Pic Food Network Star taking Bite and Booze national 6/2/15
WGNO New Orleans Cooking Segment Food Network Star 5/29/15
Gambit/Best of New Orleans Food Network Star Quote 5/26/15
Food Network Blog - Culinary Mentors 5/23/15 Food Network Star 5/20/15
225 Dine Jay D's Blanc Du Bois 5/20/15
Flicks and Food - Food Network Star 5/19/15
Food Network Blog Star-a-Day - Jay Ducote 5/12/15
NBC 33 TV Food Network Star 5/6/15
225 Dine Food Network Star 5/6/15
The Daily Advertiser, Food Network Star 5/1/15
The Advocate, Food Network Star 4/30/15
Baton Rouge Business Report Food Network Star Cast Announcement 4/29/15
Broadway World Food Network Star Cast Announcement 4/29/15 Food Network Star Cast Announcement 4/29/15 - Food Network Star Meet the Finalist 4/29/15
Food Network Blog - Food Network Star 11 Cast Announcement 4/29/15
225 Dine Heritage Ranch Cook Off for the Kids 4/15/15
30AEats Baton Rouge Trip 4/15/15
Baton Rouge Business Report Cover Story: Restaurant Possible 4/14/15
Jay in the 2015 Scout Guide
Gambit/Best of New Orleans Hogs for the Cause 4/6/15
225 Dine Bacon Rouge Hogs for the Cause 4/1/15
The Scout Guide Baton Rouge 2015
225 Dine Fast Break Ambrosia Bakery Jay D's Pulled Pork 1/28/15
225 Dine Spatula Diaries Jay D's Oysters 1/28/15
Hungry For Louisiana Jay D's Oysters 1/28/15 The Truck, the Brewer, and the Blogger IV 1/14/15
225 Dine The Truck, the Brewer, and the Blogger IV 1/14/15
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Eat This Lafayette Friday 5 1/2/15 Anthony's Italian Deli 12/31/14
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Baton Rouge Business Report Louisiana's Best Beers of 2014 12/24/14
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225 Dine Best Louisiana Beers of 2014 12/23/14
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WBRZ Mexican Street Cornbread 12/2/14
Yahoo! Food Gumbo Recipe 11/18/14
The Advocate Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards 11/2/14 Red Stick Revelry 10/28/14 Red Stick Revelry 10/28/14 Tailgate Food 10/23/14
225 Magazine Slow Food Fall Heat Recap 10/21/14
Nora McGunnigle GnarlyBarleyQ Pics 10/21/14
Business of Creatives Podcast 10/20/14 Slow Food Fall Heat 10/17/14
Baton Rouge Business Report 15 Minutes 10/10/14
Baton Rouge Business Report Slow Food Fall Heat 10/10/14
225 Dine Slow Food Fall Heat 10/9/14
Vegas Seven Food Fight Write WFC 10/8/14
WBRZ News Segment 10/7/14
Bon Appetit Magazine, October 2014 Gnarly BarleyQ 10/3/14
225 Magazine My 15 Minutes October 2014
DIG Magazine Louisiana Craft Brewers Week 9/24/14
New Orleans Advocate Louisiana Brewers Bash 9/23/14
225 Dine Louisiana Brewers Bash 9/18/14
The Local Palate - Day in the Life LSU Tailgating 9/17/14
Gambit - Best of New Orleans Louisiana Brewers Bash 9/16/14 Louisiana Brewers Bash 9/13/14
The Ale Runner Louisiana Brewers Bash 9/11/14
225 Dine Louisiana Brewers Bash 9/11/14
Eater NOLA Louisiana Brewers Bash 9/10/14
WBRZ News at 4 Barbecue Sloppy Joes 9/5/14
InRegister Magazine Baton Rouge Restaurant Scene 9/4/14 Beefstock 8/28/14
Daily South Blog from Southern Living - Jay D's 8/18/14
Richard Hanley's DoCast Podcast 8/13/14
NBC33tv Baton Rouge Interview 8/12/14
Baton Rouge Business Report Cutthroat Kitchen 8/11/14
225 Magazine Cutthroat Kitchen 8/11/14
The Advocate Cutthroat Kitchen 8/10/14
Baton Rouge Business Report Cutthroat Kitchen 8/8/14
225 Dine Cutthroat Kitchen 8/7/14 Pic GASCO Chefs Throwdown 8/2/14 Pic GASCO Prelude 8/2/14
InRegister Magazine - Jay D's 7/31/14
The Advocate Pam's Party Line Ducks Unlimited 7/27/14 BR CATS Food Tour 7/22/14
WAFB CATS Food Tour 7/22/14
Talk 107.3 FM Interview 7/15/14
The Advocate New Orleans Cutthroat 7/15/14
Eater Nola Cutthroat and Jay D's 7/14/14
Baton Rouge Business Report Cutthroat Kitchen 7/14/14
The Advocate Pam's Party Line 7/13/14
Made Man - Tailgating Expert 7/11/14 New Louisiana Products Jay D's 7/11/14
The Advocate Cutthroat Kitchen 7/10/14
The Southern Coterie Jay D's 7/8/14
225 Dine Alexander's Jay D's 7/3/14
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Town Favorites Cover Story, Jay D's, July 2014
Country Roads The Good Feast, Jay D's, July 2014
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The Advocate Opera Louisiane 4/30/14
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YouTube Taste Awards Red Carpet Video 4/10/14 Red Beans and Rice Balls 4/7/14
The Advocate Bacon Rouge 4/4/14
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225 Magazine BR on $100 March 2014
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Valcour Records Artist of the Month, January 2014 Taste Awards 1/24/14
Catholic Foodie Taste Awards 1/23/14
The Advocate Taste Awards 1/23/14
225 Dine Taste Awards 1/23/14 Taste Awards 1/17/14
The Advocate Taste Awards 1/17/14
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WBRZ Black Eyed Pea, Cabbage and Tasso Soup 12/31/13
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LSU Reveille Triumph Kitchen 11/26/13
WBRZ Stuffed Pork Tenderloin 11/22/13
The Advocate Taste Awards 11/21/13
225 Dine Dirty Bird Roast 11/21/13 Jay Ducote's Louisiana BBQ Sauce 11/14/13 Baton Rouge to New Orleans 11/13/13
225 Dine Triumph Kitchen 11/7/13 100 Books 10/31/13
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Reputation Capital 10/16/13
Deep South Mag - Haunted Pop-Up 10/15/13
WBRZ Spiced Pumpkin Bread Pudding 10/14/13
The Advocate - Craft Beer Govt Shutdown 10/11/13
WBRZ -Video - Craft Beer Govt Shutdown 10/10/13
WBRZ - Craft Beer Govt Shutdown 10/10/13
Alexandria Town Talk - Craft Beer Govt Shutdown 10/10/13
The Advocate - Louisiana Craft Beer Trail 9/23/13
30A Eats - Baton Rouge Culinary Capitol 9/21/13
The Traveluster Pop. Up. Brunch. 9/20/13
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Peanut Butter and Peppers 9/7/13
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The Food Hunter's Guide 9/3/13
225 Dine Chef Showcase and Brunch 8/22/13
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225 Dine Pop. Up. Brunch. 8/8/13
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Best of 225 "Best Facebooker" Runnerup 6/27/13
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Louisiana Daily 4/19/13
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PRSSA LSU Featured Speaker Interview 3/6/13
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MLB FanCave 2013 Finalist 1/31/13
Business Report PM 1/31/13
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Park Record 1/25/13
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Louisiana Intl. Film Fest. Press Release 1/23/13
225 Dine Sundance 1/17/13
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225 Dine 12/27/12
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225 Dine 11/25/12
WAFB Channel 9 11/21/12
Louisiana Daily/Talk 107.3 FM 11/21/12
225 Dine 11/15/12
Business Report PM 11/14/12
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LSU Manship School of Mass Communication 11/7/12
Shreveport Times 11/6/12
DIG Baton Rouge 10/31/12
The Advocate 10/31/12
WAFB Channel 9 Blue Laws 10/25/12
The Advocate's The Stir 10/24/12
LSU Reveille 10/24/12
BR General "Piece of Cake" Campaign 10/12
225 Dine 10/18/12
Baton Rouge Business Report 10/12/12
Menuism 10/11/12
225 Dine 10/11/12
225 Slater McKay Blog 10/2/12
DIG Magazine 9/26/12
Country Roads Eats & Drinks 9/25/12
225 Dine 8/30/12 8/26/12 8/23/12
BR Business Report 8/17/12
225 Dine 8/16/12
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Eater NOLA 8/15/12
Me and My Big Mouth Podcast 8/13/12
BR Business Report 8/10/12
Louisiana Daily 8/10/12
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The Advocate 7/26/12
DIG Magazine 7/25/12
Huffington Post 7/24/12
Menuism 7/5/12
225 Dine 7/5/12
225 Magazine Best of 225 6/29/12
Me and My Big Mouth Podcast pt 2 6/27/12
Me and My Big Mouth Podcast pt 1 6/27/12
Cocktail Revival 6/21/12
The Daily Meal 6/15/12
The Advocate 5/31/12
225 Dine 5/24/12 5/14/12
Eater NOLA 5/11/12
225 Dine 5/10/12
Eater NOLA 5/4/12
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225 Dine 4/26/12
Huffington Post 4/24/12
Baton Rouge Today 4/24/12
Eater NOLA 4/23/12
Menuism 4/17/12
225 Dine 4/5/12
225 Magazine 4/1/12
225 Magazine 4/1/12
BR Business Report 3/30/12
225 Dine 3/29/12
Eater NOLA 3/26/12
225 Dine 3/22/12
BR Business Report PM 3/16/12
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Diabetic Foodie 3/5/12
225 Magazine 3/1/12
Menuism 2/28/12
The Advocate "Be Fit" Page 5 2/12/12
Claim Your Journey 2/6/12
The Advocate 2/2/12
Geek Alabama 1/29/12
Country Roads Magazine 1/27/12
Main Street 1/27/12
Spatula Diaries 1/26/12
225 Dine 1/26/12
Baton Rouge Living 1/25/12 1/5/12
Finding the Purpose 1/3/12
The Advocate Food 12/1/11
WBRZ Thanksgiving Dish 11/23/11
Deep South Magazine 11/15/11
Baton Rouge Business Report "Forty under 40" 11/15/11
Baton Rouge Business Report 11/4/11 11/4/11
225 Dine 11/3/11 10/31/11
Quickwick Magazine pgs 48-53 10/19/11
The Advocate 10/9/11
Baton Rouge Business Report 10/3/11
Tailgater Monthly 10/1/11
Louisiana Culinary Trails 9/27/11
DIG Baton Rouge 9/14/11
WBRZ 2une In Segment 9/14/11
Country Roads Eat & Drinks 9/13/11
Huffington Post 9/9/11
The Secret Ingredient 9/8/11
Saturday Down South 9/1/11
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Off Beat Magazine 9/1/11
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International Food Blogger Conference/Foodista 8/8/11
225 Magazine - Food Revolution 8/1/11 7/27/11 7/21/11
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Mainstreet Fourth of July Food (entry 3) 7/4/11
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Actors Entertainment - 38:30 3/17/11
USA Today #BiteClubBR 2/24/11
Traveling Mamas #BiteClubBR 2/23/11
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Main Street 2/14/11
WAFB #BiteClubBR 2/8/11
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Red Stick Blog 1/17/11
Town Favorites Magazine - Monthly
WAFB - PurpleGold - 12/27/10
NPR - 12/27/10
LSU - Turning Passion into Career Opportuniites - 12/20/10
The Mint - - 12/15/10
Foodie BlogRoll Featured Blog - 12/9/10
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National Tailgating League - 11/23/10
LSU Reveille - 11/22/10
Baton Rouge Advocate - 11/21/10
Business Report AM Daily Report - 11/19/10
Toilet Paper Entrepreneur - 11/18/10
Baton Rouge Advocate - Smiley Anders - 11/17/10
Tailgater Monthly - 11/17/10 - 11/14/10
The Mint - - 11/10/10
Taylor Takes A Taste - 11/10/10
LSU Communication across the Curriculum - 11/5/10
OPEN Forum - Offline Social Media - 11/3/10
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WBRZ News at Noon - 10/27/10
Baton Rouge Advocate - 10/24/10
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LSU Reveille - 10/14/10
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Baton Rouge Advocate - 9/30/10
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WAFB 9 News in the Morning 9/14/10
225 Dine 8/26/10
Baton Rouge Advocate - 8/22/10
Business Report AM Daily Report 8/20/10
Dine and Cook 8/13/10
Take on Turkey Challenge July 2010
Louisiana Travel
Dine and Cook 7/8/10
Dine and Cook 6/13/10
Baton Rouge Advocate 3/12/10
Red Stick Blog 3/11/10
1012 Corridor 2/1/10

Video Production/On-Camera Experience and Appearances other than Bite and Booze and Local News, which are plentiful:

Jay Ducote on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen
Jay Ducote on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen
Cooking Culture Video Series, Visit Baton Rouge and LCI, Producer, 2015
Food Network Star, Food Network, 2015
Free Booze Friday, Geek Nation, 2015
Flip My Food with Chef Jeff, Raycom Media, April 2015
Slow Food Fall Heat October 2014
Louisiana Culinary Trails, Producer - Louisiana Travel 2014
Cutthroat Kitchen, Food Network August 2014
Raising Cane's Grand Opening Video May 2014
Savoring Sweetness Web Show April 2014
Red Carpet Taste Awards EdMagic TV January 2014
225: Into the Mix Web Series (Sept-Oct 2013)
Padma's Picks: Top Chef (August 2013)
Last Call Food Brawl, Judge, Destination America (June 2013)
Louisiana Travel: Louisiana Craft Breweries (May 2013)
Sports 225 with Lee Feinswog (March 2013)
MLB FanCave Jay Bruce Prank (made front page of Yahoo!) (February 2013)
MLB FanCave Les Miserables Parody Music Video (February 2013)
The Outdoor Shopper - Nationally Televised TV Host, Cox Sports and The Pursuit Channel (2012, 2013, 2014)
Around Town TV Show (October 2012)
"I'm Not Trying to be an Undewear Model" Documentary (2012)
Last Call Food Brawl - Destination America June 2013
Downtown TV Show - Guest (May 2012)
Happys5000 TV Commercial (April 2012)
WAFB 9Chefs Season 3 - Judge (March 14, 15 2012)
Food Louisiana, Episode 2, Cox Channel 4 (January 2012)
"Treme" - HBO (Season 3, Episode 8)
Food Louisiana, Episode 1, Cox Channel 4 (January 2012)
"Broken City" - Feature Film (Release Date January 2013)
Eat St. on Cooking Channel and Canada's Food Network (November 2011)
Meanwhile Back at Cafe du Monde..., Red Carpet Interviews (May 2011)
WAFB 9Chefs - Judge (March 2, 2011)
Treme - HBO, Season 3, Episode 8
Visit Baton Rouge: Mystic Krewe of Mutts Parade (February 2011)
"Meanwhile Back at Cafe du Monde..." Television Pilot (Fall 2010)
Tony Chachere's Tailgating Cookoff - Comcast Sport South (November 2010)
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Grand Opening (November 2010)
LSU Football On Campus Tailgating Series (Fall 2010, 2011)
Cooking/Food Competition Participating and Judging:

Gourmet in the Garden, Baton Rouge (April 2016, Judge)
Hogs for the Cause, New Orleans (April 2016)
Horseshoe Bay Resort Wine and Dine Festival, TX (November 2015, Celebrity Chef Demo, 3rd Place in Cook off)
Hangout Oyster Cook-off, Gulf Shores, AL (November 2015, Celebrity Chef Demo)
2 Seam Dream Foundation Cook-off for a Cure (October 2015, Judge)
Heritage Ranch Cookout for the Kids (April 2015, Judge)
Hogs for the Cause, New Orleans, (March 2015, Co-Captain and Chef, 1st place pork shoulder)
World Food Championships, Las Vegas (November 2014, Judge)
Slow Food Fall Heat Local Cooking Contest (October 2014, Chef)
Brew at the Zoo (October 2014, Chef)
Red Stick Farmer's Market Cooking Demo (August 2014 and many more, Chef)
Fete Rouge Grand Tasting (August 2014, Judge)
ExxonMobil Jambalaya Cookoff (August 2014, Judge)
American Brahman Beef Association Cook-off (August 2014, Participant)
Duck's Unlimited Road Kill Cookoff (July 2014, Judge)
CB&I Jambalaya Competition (July 2014, Judge)
Crawfish King Cook-off for Junior Achievement and Big Buddy (April 2014, Judge)
Gourmet in the Garden Cook-off (April 2014, Chef, WINNER)
Hogs for the Cause, New Orleans (March 2014, Co-Captain and chef)
Mardi Gras Mambo (February 2014, Chef)
Watson's 4th Annual Bird and Sausage Gumbo Cook-off (January 2014, Judge)
Red Stick Revelry Cocktail Competition (December 2013, Judge)
The Mentorship Academy's Cajun Cook-off (December 2013, Judge)
Belly Up to the Bar, Baton Rouge Bar Association (October 2013, Judge)
Greater Baton Rouge State Fair Pies, Jams, and Jellies Contest (October 2013, Judge)
Slow Food Fall Heat Local Cooking Contest (October 2013, Judge)
Capital Area United Way Jambalaya Jam (October 2013, Judge)
15th Annual Soire Royale Culinary Event (September 2013, Judge)
Fete Rouge Grand Tasting (August 2013, Judge)
Exxon Mobile Jambalaya Competition (August 2013, Judge)
DIG/Barmetrix Best Bartender Competition (July 2013, Judge)
LSU AgCenter Garden Fest Rum Cocktail Contest (June 2013, Judge)
Cooking in Central (June 2013, Judge)
Zapp's International Beer Festival (Chef for Brasseurs a la Maison April 2012, 2013)
Eat St. on Cooking Channel, November 2011
Hogs for the Cause (March 2013 Chef and Team Captain)
2013 Daily Meal 101 Best Restaurants in America (February 2013 Panelist)
Sundance Film Festival (January 2013 Chef)
BREADA Tailgating Throwdown (November 2012 Judge)
Capital Area United Way Jambalaya Jam (October 2012 Judge)
Belly Up to the Bar (October 2012 Judge)
Fete Rouge Grand Tasting (August 2012 Judge)
Louisiana Culinary Institute Homeplate Classic Finals (August 2012 Judge)
LSU AgCenter/Louisiana Department of Ag and Forestry Garden Fest Bloody Mary Contest (July 2012 Judge)
Louisiana Seafood/Louisiana Cookin' Healthy Seafood Contest at LCI (May 2012 Judge)
Bayou Beard Association Beard Contest (April 2012 Judge)
GBRAR Cajun Cookoff (March 2012 Judge)
WAFB 9Chefs Season 3 (March 2012 Judge)
Heart Strings and Angel Wings Gumbo Cookoff (March 2012 Judge)
Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Jambalaya Cookoff (March 2012 Judge)
Gonna Need a Bigger Bowl Chili Cookoff (March 2012 Judge)
MasterChef on FOX, June 2011
Louisiana Culinary Institute Race to Cannes (February-March 2012 Judge)
Appetite for Life Food Truck Competition (February 2012 Judge)
Virtual Potluck (Ongoing Participant)
BREADA's Tailgating Throwdown at the Red Stick Farmers Market  (November 2011 Judge)
Emeril's One-Pot Blogger Cooking Party (September 2011 Contestant)
Dow Louisiana Operations Jambalaya Throwdown (September 2011 Judge)
ESPN 104.5/Times Grill Build Your Own Burger Throwdown (September 2011 Chef)
Canstruction, AAIA and Baton Rouge Food Bank (September 2011 Judge)
Baton Rouge Beer Festival, Home Brew Competition (July 2011 Judge)
Eunice IBCA BBQ Championship (June 2011 Judge)
Lemonade Day, Raising Cane's Lemonade Contest (May 2011, April 2012 Judge)
YTAC Kiss My Grits (April 2011 Judge)
New Orleans Brunch Experiment - The Food Experiments (April 2011 Chef)
Hammond Smokin' Blues and BBQ Festival (March 2011, 2011 KCBS Contest Chef)
Louisiana Culinary Institute's Race to Cannes (February-April 2011 Judge)
WAFB's 9Chefs (March 2011 Judge)
Tony Chachere's Tailgating Cookoff (Fall 2010 Contest Winner)
CAUW Jambalaya Jam (September 2010 Judge)
Project Food Blog (Fall 2010 Contest Participant)
Hammond Smokin' Blues and BBQ Festival (March 2010, 2011 KCBS Contest Chef)

Speaking Engagements:

The Taste, Mary Bird Perkins OLOL Cancer Center, Baton Rouge, Emcee (April 2016)
National Beer Wholesalers Association, Mardi Gras Beer Dinner, Host, Washington DC (February 2016)
Texas Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus Winter Conference, Beaumont, TX (January 2016)
LSU Global Dinner Speaker, Baton Rouge (December 2015)
Louisiana Cookin' Chefs to Watch Dinner, Emcee, New Orleans (October 2015)
National Beer Wholesalers Association, Annual Convention, Keynote Panel 4 Under 40, Las Vegas (October 2015)
Capital Area United Way's Jambalaya Jam, Jam King, Baton Rouge (October 2015)
Fete Rouge, Award Presenter, Baton Rouge (August 2015)
Beer Industry League of Louisiana, Annual Convention, Destin, Keynote Speaker (July 2015)
Best of the Delta Awards, Monroe, Louisiana, Host (July 2015)
Baton Rouge Social Media Association SoMe Awards, Emcee (January 2015)
#FoodFightWrite, Yummie Nation Blogger Conference, Las Vegas, Session Speaker (November 2014)
PRAL, Baton Rouge, Guest Speaker (September 2014)
Jay and Anthony Anderson emceeing the Seafood Cookoff, 2014
Great American Seafood Cookoff, New Orleans, Emcee (August 2014)
Baton Rouge Social Media Association, Special Guest Speaker (July 2014)
The Liberal Arts in a Modern University and Economy, Panel Member (March 2014)
Louisiana Travel Promotion Association Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, Panel Moderator (August 2013)
Beer Blogger Conference, Boston, MA, Speaker (July 2013)
Baton Rouge Area Chamber Capital Region 101, Moderator and Panel Member (July 2013)
Louisiana Culinary Institute Distilled Beverage Instructor (2, April 2013)
Lemonade Day Tasting Contest, Emcee (April 2013)
Louisiana Feast of Fields, Emcee (April 2013)
PRSSA LSU, Guest Speaker (March 2013)
Food Blog South, Birmingham, Speaker (January 2013)
National Beer Wholesaler Association Annual Convention, San Diego, Speaker and Moderator (October 2012)
Broadmoor Methodist Church, Keynote Speaker (October 2012)
French Market Cookbook Fair, Southern Food and Beverage Museum, New Orleans, Emcee (September 2012)
Beer Industry League of Louisiana 66th Annual Convention, Destin, Keynote Speaker (July 2012)
North American Beer Blogger Conference, Indianapolis, Panel Member (July 2012)
Celebrity Starter, Fat Boy 5K (April 2012)
Baton Rouge Aging Network, Guest Speaker (April 2012)
Louisiana Culinary Institute, Guest Speaker for Industry Seminar (April 2011, April 2012, January 2013, May 2013, January 2014)
Young Professional Rotary Club of Baton Rouge, Guest Speaker (March 2012)
Exchange Club of Baton Rouge, Guest Speaker (February 2012)
Food Blog South, Incorporating Video into Food Blogs (January 2012)
Southeast Tourism Society, Fall Meeting, Panel Member: Culinary Tourism (November 2011)
"Meanwhile, Back at Cafe du Monde..." Food Monologue Show Emcee (October 2011)
International Food Blogger Conference, New Orleans, Panel Member: Writing about Food and Culture (August 2011)
Kiwanis Club of Baton Rouge, Guest Speaker (August 2011)
Destructo Tour, Louisiana Culture in Social Media, Panel Member (June 2011)
Celebrity Bar Bouncer, Downtown Baton Rouge (May 2011)
PRSA Baton Rouge, Special Guest Speaker (March 2011)
"Meanwhile Back at Cafe du Monde..." Food Monologue Series (Multiple Headliner Appearances in 2010-2011)
NPR, Radio Story Interview (December 2010)
LSU Communication Across the Curriculum, Special Guest Speaker (November 2010)
Northgate Festival, Emcee (October 2010)
Coastal Social, Host (September 2010)

Successful Eating Challenge Attempts:

Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, Winner, Frankie's Dawg House (July 2014)
Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, Third Place, Frankie's Dawg House (July 2013)
Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, Winner, Frankie's Dawg House (July 2011)
OMG Burger Challenge, Tied for most eaten, Uncle E's Wings and Things (June 2011)
Kodiak Arrest Challenge, Fifth person to ever complete, Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse (May 2010)

Publications other than

Good Grit Magazine, Savor, Starting January 2016
Delta Style Magazine, Recurring Monthly Column September 2015 to Present
Louisiana Cookin' Magazine, Cuisine Afield and Afloat Columnist, Recurring 2012 to Present
Tiger Rag Magazine, Craft Beer Pairings, June 2015
225 Magazine, Fries With That, March 2015 Issue
The Local Palate, Day in the Life of an LSU Tailgater, September 2014
Town Favorites Cover Story: For Love of the Que, July 2014
The Advocate, Red, Belly Up to the Bar, March 28, 2014
Society South, Recurring, Since February 2014
Delta Sky Magazine, March 2014
Louisiana Craft Beer Trail, Louisiana Travel, 2013, 2014
The Southern Tailgating Cookbook by Taylor Mathis, Featured, 2013
Meanwhile, Back at Cafe du Monde..., Coffee Table Book, Story and Recipe, 2012
The Advocate Food Recipes, (2) Hershey's Dark Chocolate Mole Braised Beef Short Ribs over Creamed Corn Polenta, Chocolate Panna Cotta topped with Crumbled Honey Maid Graham Crackers and Homemade Marshmallow Foam
New Orleans eNews, Local Booze (multiple since August 2012) Craft Beer, Gulf Pig, Local Products (3) August-October 2012
Louisiana Kitchen, (1) July/August 2012
225 Magazine Blog, recurring since May 2012
Huffington Post, Bite and Booze, Jay Ducote (5) March-November 2012, multiple 2012-2013
225 Magazine (Many), 2011-2014
Country Roads Magazine, (1) 2012 Favorite Things, October 2011
Off Beat Magazine New Orleans, (1), September 2011
Town Favorites Magazine (12), March 2010 - February 2011
Dine and Cook (3), June-August 2010
Louisiana Travel (1), August 2010
1012 Corridor (1), February 2010

Professional Memberships/Community Involvement:

Baton Rouge Epicurean Society Media Sponsor 2013-2015
Mary Bird Perkins OLOL Cancer Center The Taste - Media Sponsor 2014-2015
North American Guild of Beer Writers, 2013-2014
Cancer Services Capital Chefs' Showcase: Live Auction Prize 2013, Competition Chair 2014
Baton Rouge Restaurant Week, Media Sponsor, 2013-2014
Culinary Ambassador for the Louisiana International Film Festival 2012, 2013
Louisiana Culinary Institute Advisory Board 2012-2015
LSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dean's Advisory Council 2012-2015
Triumph Kitchen Board of Directors, 2013-2014
Baton Rouge Entrepreneur Week, Baton Rouge Area Chamber, Food and Beverage Program Co-Chair, 2012
Creative Louisiana 2012-2014
Baton Rouge Mobile Food Vendor Association, Board, 2010-2012
Breada's Tailgating Throwdown Committee 2011, 2012
Capital Area United Way's Jambalaya Jam Committee 2010-2014
Foodie Blog Roll Publisher
Association of Food Bloggers
Foodbuzz Featured Publisher
Southern Food and Beverage Museum
Southern Foodways Alliance
Baton Rouge Social Media Association
Forum 35

Relevant Events/Conferences:

World Food Championships/FoodFightWrite, Las Vegas, 2014
National Beer Wholesalers Association Convention, New Orleans, 2014
Travel Media Showcase, Lake Charles, LA, 2014
LA Times Travel Show, Los Angeles, 2014
National Beer Wholesalers Association Convention and Trade Show, Las Vegas, 2013
Beer Bloggers Conference, Portland, ME and Boston, MA, 2013
Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans, 2013
TBEX Travel Blogger Exchange, Toronto, 2013
Zapp's International Beer Festival, Baton Rouge, 2009, 2012, 2013
Sundance Film Festival, Park City, 2013
Shooting and Hunting Outdoor Tradeshow, Las Vegas, 2013
National Beer Wholesaler Association Annual Convention, San Diego, 2012
Great American Beer Festival, Denver, 2012
Beer Industry League of Louisiana 66th Annual Convention, Destin, 2012
International Beer Blogger Conference, Indianapolis, 2012
FoodBlogSouth, Birmingham, 2011, 2012, 2013
International Food Blogger Conference, New Orleans, 2011
Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans, 2011
New Orleans Food and Wine Experience, New Orleans, 2011
FoodBlogSouth, Birmingham, 2011
Fete Rouge, Baton Rouge, 2010
Coastal Social, Baton Rouge, 2010
Foodbuzz Food Blogger's Festival, San Francisco, 2009


Jay Ducote receives a Pick Your Passion Award from Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne
Jay Ducote receives a Pick Your Passion Award from
Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne
Southern Living Magazine Blogger to Follow in 2016

PRAL "Communicator of the Year" 2016

"Pick Your Passion" Culinary Award presented by Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne "Passion for Food
Award presented to Jay Ducote. In appreciation of your commitment to promoting Louisiana's unique food culture on a national stage. August 18, 2015." Man of the Week, July 27, 2015

Food Network Star Season 11 Finalist (Runner-Up), Food Network, 2015

"Food bloggers with national heft, namely chef-entrepreneur Jay Ducote of Bite and Booze, have helped legitimize Baton Rouge’s burgeoning food scene. Ducote has also been the architect of the pop-up dinner movement, which, along with food trucks, is a mainstay of the creative class." - Maggie Richardon, Baton Rouge Business Report, April 2015

Women in Media Industry Newcomer Award for Blair Loup, Chief Confusion Coordinator, 2015

Louisiana Association of Broadcasters Uniquely Louisiana Radio Award, 2015

Baton Rouge Social Media Association SoMe Awards: People's Choice and Consistently Social, 2015

Finalist for The Taste Awards, Best Critic or Review Series and Best Food or Drink Radio Broadcast, 2014

Jay Ducote with the Taste Award
Jay Ducote with the Taste Award
Sales and Marketing Executives Awards 2014

"Says the foodie god of Louisiana." - Vanessa Gomes from Champagne Beverage Company referring to Jay Ducote, April 2014

"Best Food or Drink Radio Broadcast" in the Country, The Taste Awards, January 2014

Baton Rouge Social Media Association's SoMe's finalist for "Consistently Social" in January 2014

"I just wanted to thank you for having me on the show and letting me hang with you the whole time.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with you as you are such a pro!!!  I have been on lots of radio shows through the years and you are REALLY GOOD, have a wonderful approach, talented and so knowledgeable." Holly Clegg, Trim & Terrific Cookbook Author, April 2013

Recognized as one of the "Top 100 Seafood Bloggers" in the country by Eat Gulf Seafood

Runner-up for "Best to Follow on Facebook" with 21% of the vote and nominated for "Best Radio Personality in the 2013 Best of 225 Awards

Major League Baseball FanCave Top 30 for 2013

Nominated for the 2013 SoMes by the Baton Rouge Social Media Association for "Best in Baton Rouge," losing out only to Raising Cane's, a corporate giant whose social media is run by people in corporate offices in Dallas, TX.

Runner-up with over 30% of the nearly 4,000 votes for 225 Magazine's 2012 "Best of 225" Awards for Best Blogger/Social Media Personality

"Speaking of local celebrities, I finally got to meet local celebrity chef Jay Ducote which was pretty much awesome. I’ve been following Jay’s blog, Bite and Booze ever since I moved down South and I really admire the guy for livin’ the dream. I mean, it’s his J.O.B. to eat, drink, and then write about it…sounds like a dream, right? Anyway, he was super cool and an all-around nice guy…he even offered to contribute to a little Southern cookbook I’m working on!" - Pixelpunk, Baton Rouge Living, January 2012

"He's arguably the most visible food blogger in south Louisiana, with one of the most popular blogs on the web." - Nils Breckoff, Food Louisiana, January 2012

"Basically, people love this guy." - Rivers Hughey, Finding the Purpose, January 2012

"You gotta love Ducote, whose 2-year-old blog,, has earned him appearances on national TV, write-ups in local publications and his own talk radio show. He’s a big teddy bear of a guy with a boyish exuberance and an entrepreneurial spirit, twin characteristics that enable him to shamelessly self-promote in a way that is endearing and even a bit inspirational, without being offensive." - Stephanie Riegel, The Advocate, December 2011

"Top Forty Under 40" - Baton Rouge Business Report, November 2011

"Jay Ducote is a tastemaker that will guide you on your journey to culinary nirvana." - Anonymous, October 26, 2011

"I continue to be impressed by Ducote and other 20-somethings of his generation who are passionate advocates of local food, local cooking traditions and local restaurants. They are some of our greatest ambassadors, and it speaks volumes about his credibility as a blogger that he has been asked to participate in a panel discussion at the conference." - Stephanie Riegel, The Advocate, August 2011

"Top 100 Amateur Chefs in America" - MasterChef on FOX, Season 2, June 2011

"If there is a king of the local food-blogging community, it is Ducote, who in just 18 months has established as one of the leaders of the local social media movement, and one of the bigger names in the national food blogging community." - Stephanie Riegel, The Advocate, May 2011

"Without Facebook, Jay Ducote would not exist. Sure the former math teacher, the son, the brother, the chill guy you want to have a beer with would remain; but take away his active presence on the Internet’s most trafficked site, and the Jay Ducote that produces the suddenly social food blog Bite and Booze, the Jay Ducote who stars in popular tailgating videos for LSU, and the Jay Ducote with thousands of fans across the country who have come to know him so well so fast in the course of a year seems a lot less likely." - Jeff Roedel, 225 Magazine, February 2011

Winner - 2010 Tony Chachere's Tailgating Cookoff

Nominated for "Best Blogger/Columnist" and "Most Eligible Bachelor" for Best of 225, 2010

The Secret Ingredient's Blogger of the Week 9/29/11

Foodie Blogroll Featured Blog of the Week 11/4/11