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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Abeeya's Bakery Bite and Booze Radio Show Birthday Cake

Today on the Bite and Booze Radio Show I'll be joined by Donna Butler from Abeeya's Bakery in Zachary.  Donna was kind enough not only to be a guest a the show, but also to bring in a custom Bite and Booze Radio Show Birthday/Anniversary Cake!  
Jay Ducote, Donna Butler, and Natalie Ducote in the Talk 107.3 FM Studio
Make sure to listed to the show every Saturday at 5 PM on Talk 107.3 FM.  You can also find it as a podcast on iTunes or streaming through this very website.  Donna talks about how she started her bakery, how she puts love into her sweets, and how she's become very involved in the community.  Her story is one that you truly won't want to miss.

Abeeya's Bakery's My Louisiana State Cake
Finally, this a cake that everyone needs to try.  The "Louisiana State Cake" from Abeeya's is one of the single best cakes I've ever eaten.  The double chocolate cake is filled with a pecan praline mixture between each layer.  The chocolate shell on the outside provides a layer of texture that stands out.  The cake itself was rich and moist.  As you can see, the stepped design is unique and the magnolia flower truly makes it a Louisiana cake.  I know Zachary may no be right next door for everybody, but if you have a special event coming up or want to celebrate the Louisiana bicentennial, you ought to request one of these cakes from Donna.  Just walk in and say "I want that!"  She'll know what you mean.

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