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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Will Drink Local

Just a friendly reminder from Bite and Booze that a Jedi drinks local.  Sith Lords drink Jameson.

I know St. Patty's Day came and went a month ago, but I still thought these pictures were worth sharing.  Also, as far as the Jameson goes... did you know that while Jameson is the #1 selling Irish Whiskey world wide, it isn't even close to the top selling Irish Whiskey IN Ireland?  Jameson : Irish Whiskey :: Foster's : Australian Beer.  Translation: it is all about marketing.  Try Power's, John Sullivan, Tullamore Dew, Redbreast, Midleton Very Rare, or quite a few other types before ordering Jameson as your next shot of Irish Whiskey.  I will say though that the Jameson Reserve 12 yr is pretty tasty.  Stay tuned every Wednesday on Bite and Booze as I'll soon be ramping up a new series called "Whisk(e)y Wednesdays!"