Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lafayette's Jolie's Bistro

Jolie's Bistro in Lafayette reminds me of what the true dining experience should be.  Chef Manny Augello and bartender Luke Tullos like to keep things "fresh, local, and seasonal."  The menu at Jolie's names several Louisiana farms where local products are sourced.  Chef Manny offers a Louisiana Artisan Cheese Assortment and a Charcuterie de Maison that highlight local goat cheese from Belle Ecorce Farm in St. Martinville, LA and house made pat├ęs, terrines, cured meats, pickles and condiments.  But those items barely get the menu started.  Each day there are various bar snacks that are modestly priced at $3, $5, and $7 each.  The bar snacks are always creative expressions from the chef based on the fresh, local, and seasonal theme.

I have been to Jolie's twice in the past month.  Geoff Daily of Lafayette's Fiber Corps introduced me to Jolie's in March, and I returned with Jeremy, Eric, and Mandy over the weekend.  Each time I left having to loosen to my belt as well as say thanks to everyone at the restaurant.  The staff is friendly with impeccable service, the cocktails from Luke are unique, playful twists on classics or inventive inspirations of Acadiana, and the food out of the kitchen... well, it is what similar restaurants should aspire to serve.  I'll give you a taste of the menu from my two trips, but to really get the experience, you'll just have to go!

St. Patty's Day Amuse Bouche and Bar Snacks:
Top Left: Amuse Bouche featuring ceviche with fresh drum and scallops marinated in Abita Amber
Top Right: Irish style cabbage and potatoes
Bottom Left: Fish and Chips - Tilapia from the Gotreaux Family Farms in Scott, LA
Bottom Right: Irish pork stew

St. Patty's Day Charcuterie, Cheese Assortment, Soups, and Cocktails
Top Left: Charcuterie de Maison - house cured salami, salmon, pickled brussels sprouts, caramelized onions
Top Right: Louisiana Artisan Cheese Assortment - local goat cheese, aged cheddar, marinated pear
Bottom Left: Turtle soup with sherry in the back, leek and scallop soup in front
Cocktails from Luke: Protestant - Bushmills, house made Guinness syrup, old fashioned bitters, and vermouth
Not pictured: Catholic - Jameson and more spirits with fresh, unsweetened whip cream to cover the guilt

April 9th Bar Snacks and Cocktail:
Top Left: House pickled fruits and veggies featuring Louisiana melontons (I could actually stomach them!)
Top Right: Kimchi hotdog with Chinese mustard
Bottom Left: Sheepshead sliders
Bottom Right:  I told Like to serve me a play on a Mint Julep, he came back with an Apple whiskey smash

April 9th Charcuterie Madness
Top Left: Jolie's bread topped with pork tongue rillettes and stone ground mustard
Top Right: House made Spanish chorizo, duck salami, and pickled pears
Bottom Left: House pickled okra, prunes, and pork tongue rillettes, among other things
Bottom Right: Italian terrine with Chinese mustard

April 9th Plates and Drinks
Top Left: Crispy pork ribs - flash fried and dressed with house made pepper jelly
Top Right: Artisan cheese assortment with goat cheese, aged cheddar, beets, and prunes
Bottom Left: Luke's digestif: Grapefruitcello - amazingly smooth, fruity, and deceptively strong! 
Bottom Right: I asked for Luke to make a drink featuring honey and bourbon. He came back with his play on a "sidecar" - bourbon, honey-lavender syrup, peach bitters, and champagne

April 9th Dinner and Desserts
Top Left: Sweet potato and andouille hash with some lemon-garlic fries
Top Right: Jolie's BBQ Shrimp in a rich Abita Amber BBQ Reduction
Bottom Left: Prince Edward Island mussels tossed with shallots, bacon, fries, and a touch of Pernod
Bottom Right: Finally room for dessert: house made cream cheese icecream on a Florentine cookie with Chantilly cream

Now I'm hungry again!  When you go, make sure to ask about the bar snacks are as well as what sort of specials Chef Manny might have.  Feel free to talk to Luke about some signature cocktails.  Finally, have fun, enjoy exploring the many items on the menu both new and old, and take some risks... your stomach will thank you... okay, maybe not your stomach, but your taste buds sure will!

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