Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Eat St." is Coming to Baton Rouge to Film for the Cooking Channel and Canada's Food Network!

Eat St., the popular television program on America's Cooking Channel and Canada's Food Network, will be coming to Baton Rouge this week for three days of filming and production with some of our favorite trucks!  The program travels around North America in search of the most inventive chefs in mobile kitchens.  The street food trend has been booming in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Austin, and now it is Baton Rouge's turn to get recognized for our "Food Truck Revolution."  This is a great opportunity for our city to showcase some of our local cuisine to an international audience!

The production schedule is as follows:

Thursday, May 12: Curbside Truck

Curbside is Baton Rouge's burger truck.  However, these aren't just any burgers and fries.  Curbside grinds all their own meat, blanches their own "frites", uses local produce and fresh, locally baked buns.  Their serving trays are made from recycled product and their cups are made from plants, not plastic.  Oh, and get the pork belly preserves if you can!  A couple weeks ago Curbside featured my homemade boudin on a burger and topped that with some fresh cracklins!  The Bite and Boudin burger was a huge hit!  Curbside will be stationed on Spanish Town Road in front of the State Capitol from 11-3 on Thursday, so go grab a burger and smile for the cameras!

Friday, May 13: GOyaya's Crepes

GOyaya's is a mobile crepe kitchen serving up fresh savory and sweet creations all around Baton Rouge.  They are truly one of Baton Rouge's most unique mobile food vendors and their crepes are always impressive.  Last week I had a "Chicken Mole" crepe and it blew me away.  It featured shredded chicken in a Mexican mole sauce that took seven hours to make!  The mole had some sweetness from blueberries, the richness from the Mexican chocolate, and a little nuttiness as well.  Topped off with some sour cream and avocado, this is one crepe I'd go back from again and again!  GOyaya's will be stationed downtown for lunch on Friday with the film crews.  Track them down and get your 15 minutes... or seconds... of fame!

Saturday, May 14: Taco de Paco

Photo Courtesy of Taco de Paco
Taco de Paco roams around the streets of Baton Rouge slinging deLiciousness in tortilla sized packages.  They have gotten more and more creative with their offerings and some of the tacos that they'll be serving on Saturday for lunch at the Neuromedical Center in Perkins Rowe look amazing.  Last week they came up with The Emilio: Roasted Duck glazed with Louisiana Sugar Cane, topped with Sweet Potato Hash, and finished off with homemade Peach Preserves.  deLightful!  I'll be out there on Saturday after the Bite and Booze Radio Show presented by Calandro's Supermarket celebrates American Craft Beer Week from 10-11 AM.  Come find me and feast for the Eat St. camera crews!

Photo Courtesy of Taco de Paco


  1. My goodness that looks like a fantastic burger. I will have to hunt them down next time I am in BR. In the meantime, I may send my mom over there for a taste test. She has been known to travel for a good burger.

  2. Great writeup and even better pics (specifically the Bite and Boudin burger... wow)! I've said it before and I'll stand by it. Baton Rouge's passion for street food is nothing short of inspirational. Thanks for keeping the street food scene booming!

  3. That burger was fantastic! And Corey, thanks for coming to Baton Rouge. I know everybody I talked to enjoyed having you guys here and I'll anxiously be anticipating the shows. We're certainly enjoying the revolution here, so I'm glad you caught wind of that! Cheers!


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