Monday, November 23, 2015

Between Two Shells: Baked Brie and Bacon Oysters with an Old Fashioned

by Blair Loup

Can you feel it? Temperatures are dipping below 70 degrees, and we’re all losing our minds. Sure, we’re seeing a lot of boots, scarves, and unnecessary hats, but we’re also seeing darker, heavier beers, more whiskey than usual, and heartier flavor profiles.

My cool weather cravings usually lean toward creamy Brie cheese, bold red wines, root vegetables, whiskey, and anything cooked whole carcass style. I feel like sometimes, Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar gets me too much. It’s honestly scary how easy it is to pair great bites with a tasty beverage.

A baked Brie and Bacon oyster and Old Fashioned at Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar in downtown Baton Rouge, LA.
A baked Brie and Bacon oyster and Old Fashioned at Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar in downtown Baton Rouge, La.

The baked Brie and Bacon oyster is easily my favorite of the baked offerings at Jolie Pearl. What’s not to love about a Gulf oyster covered in a creamy Brie cheese sauce with specks of bacon and baked? The slight sweetness of the Brie and smokiness of the pork match up nicely with the smokey/sweet flavors of an Old Fashioned.

The typical Old Fashioned is simple, but irresistible. With a bitters-soaked sugar cube muddled in orange and cherry, the classic cocktail is supposed to be served with Rye whiskey. I asked for this one to be made with bourbon for a warmer caramel flavor to marry the Brie and bacon flavors.

With the weather cooling down and the holidays upon us, I know downtown Baton Rouge will be bustling. Pro-tip, leave early for all of your downtown tomfoolery and grab a bite and some booze at Jolie Pearl!

This is a great Fall/Winter transition pairing, and you can find some of the other parings we’ve tried and approved below:

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Oysters Rockefellar and the Louisiana Mule
Raw Gulf Oysters topped with Cucumber Mignonette with Fresh Grapefruit Margaritas
Asian Style Chargrilled Oysters with Tin Roof Tunrow Harvest Ale
Chargrilled Oysters with Gnarly Barley's Catahoula Common
Raw West Coast Gold Creek Oysters with Jay D's Blanc Du Bois
Buffalo Chargrilled Oysters with Chafunkta’s Kingfish Cream Ale

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