Friday, October 7, 2016

Burgers with Chuck: Mason's Grill Breakfast Burger

by Chuck P

If you’re familiar with the brunch at Mason’s Grill then you know to prepare yourself for 3 things: delicious food, a their national award-winning Bloody Mason and bottomless mimosas. Don’t let the wait scare you off if you’ve never been, the end result is completely worth it.

Brunch in Baton Rouge is a big deal, with many local restaurants cooking up tasty dishes, but it’s the great comfort food, super friendly staff and a feeling of being at home that makes Mason’s Grill one the biggest destinations for families and friends on Saturday and Sunday mornings. There’s something for everyone on their menu but the one thing that keeps calling me back is their Breakfast Burger.

Let me break it down for you: stacked between two soft, sweet buns are a 4oz homemade breakfast sausage patty, American cheese, a fried egg, bacon, a 4oz hamburger patty, more American cheese, ANOTHER FRIED EGG and dressed with the usual toppings although I tend to do away with the “salad” so as to focus on the burger itself. 

Whoa! It is a sight to behold and is quite the challenge to finish.
Whoa! It is a sight to behold and is quite the challenge to finish.

This burger is gluttony at its finest. Once you squeeze it together and those egg yolks break and begin to take over every little nook and cranny it becomes a thing of beauty. The breakfast sausage is what stands out on this dish. There’s a bit of spiciness to it that blends together perfectly with the hamburger patty and those tasty eggs. It’s so good that no matter how full you feel, you find it hard to stop eating. Either way there will be a nap in your immediate future.

Like I said before, everything on their menu is great, but do yourself a favor and try the Breakfast Burger on your own or if you’re in a giving mood, share it with the one you love most. The doors at Mason’s Grill open at 9am every Saturday and Sunday so get there early for a table or arrive later and grab one of those spicy Bloody Masons and sit back and think about how much you’ll enjoy the food coma that’s to come.

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