Monday, August 21, 2017

Wakey Whiskey: Manhattan Moonshine

by Eric Ducote

Good morning everyone, and a Happy Birthday edition of #wakeywhiskey to Mr. Bite and Booze himself, Jay D. Ducote! My little bro is turning 36 today, so in his honor I'm treating myself to a #wakeywhiskey.

My selection today is a Manhattan Moonshine Prohibition-Style Whiskey from the Manhattan Moonshine Company out of Westfield, New York. Now, Westfield isn't exactly in Manhattan, in fact it's about as far as possible from New York City as you can get without leaving the state... way over in the Western tip on Lake Eerie about 10 miles from the Pennsylvania border. Regardless, moonshine was made throughout the country during prohibition, and whiskey is made throughout the country these days.

Manhattan Moonshine is made from 4 grains, featuring oats but not including corn. It is then distilled in their handmade still prior to being barrel aged for less than an hour and then immediately bottled. It clocks in at 95 proof or 47.5% alcohol, nowhere near the strength of true "white lightning" but also a step up from the standard 80 proof of the majority of liquors.

On to the whiskey itself... obviously the color is clear, just like water, vodka, and other unaged spirits. Less than an hour in the barrel does not do much, that's for sure! The nose is very clean, hints of grain but nothing overpowering, including the booziness. It's a little sweet, and if anything slightly on the grassy side.

I really enjoy the taste as well, super smooth with hints of sweet grains. There is a little hint of booziness at the end, but nothing I'd normally expect from a 95 proof white whiskey. The heavy oat presence in the grain bill gives this one a crazy easy mouthfeel that drinks way easier than it should. Their website gives plenty of cocktail recipe ideas, but personally I enjoy this one just fine straight. Historically, I've had a tough time with white whiskeys, but between this one and the Ironroot Republic moonshine featured on the 4th of July, I'm starting to come around.

So, Happy Birthday Jay! And be sure to enjoy a #wakeywhiskey this morning!

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