Saturday, October 21, 2017

Wakey Whiskey: Larceny Bourbon Whiskey

by Eric Ducote

Good morning everyone, and welcome to two consecutive SEC wins for the LSU Tigers. If they can win tonight, that's called a winning streak. It has happened before. I'm not superstitious, but bourbon has given us wins, so here's another #wakeywhiskey bourbon.

This morning's selection is the 92 proof Larceny from the Old Fitzgerald distillery out of Bardstown, KY. This distillery is currently owned by Heaven Hill, but has ties to Stitzel-Weller of Pappy renown. That's certainly promising!

Nothing remarkable about the appearance here, just a clear bronze gold of a straight bourbon. The aroma is very clean and smooth with hints of cocoa and leather.

The initial taste is strong cinnamon and licorice, the latter of which is unexpected but not unpleasant. There is a good bit going on and the 46% abv is pretty noticeable especially on the finish. The spicy notes coat the tongue and linger after each sip in an aggressively pleasing manner.

This isn't my all-time favorite bourbon, but I will have no problem finishing it off either. Cheers everyone, happy #gameday and #geauxtigers

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