Monday, February 26, 2018

Burgers with Chuck: Building Dreams at Burgersmith

by Chuck P

Here’s a question I’d like to pose to you that I’ve been asked numerous times:

If you were building your dream burger, what would be on it?
Sounds like an easy question right? But really it takes some thought. The amount of toppings you can put on a burger is almost infinite. You have to carefully consider the consistency of the bun, the variables of wet and dry ingredients and how the flavor profile of your selected toppings will mix with the choices you’ve made. There are a number things that could turn building your dream burger into your worst nightmare.

With that being said, I was recently put to task with creating a “dream burger” of sorts that would be all around blog worthy by the boss man himself Jay Ducote at one of our recent Between The Buns recordings at Burgersmith on Perkins. In between segments, we were trying to decide which burger to order when Jay thought it would be a good idea for me to create my own burger and make it as crazy as possible. Far be it for me to back down from a burger challenge! I happily agreed and began going over their list of toppings on the menu.

My brain was in overdrive looking over all the choices that were offered. But before I could get too excited I had to take a step back and think of what flavors would work perfectly on this burger.

My first choice was the patty itself. The brisket patty seemed to be calling out to me. If you’ve never had a burger with that patty I highly suggest you do. Next were the toppings. I decided to go with some of my favorites-- cheddar cheese, bacon and a fried egg. I then added the creole mayo, but still felt something was missing. Looking over the offerings again I spotted the one choice I knew would be a perfect addition: the house-made chili.

Sitting back and looking over the choices my mouth was watering. Now I just needed to finish it off and choose a bun. I looked over at Angie, Burgersmith’s Marketing Director and asked one simple question, “Could I get grilled cheese sandwiches as buns?”

She replied, “Yes but you should probably use the child’s size so the bread won’t be as thick and you can bite into it better.” She knew what I was getting at.

With that answer, my dream burger was on its way to becoming a reality.

As we continued to record radio segments with Angie I couldn’t keep my mind off of this potential beauty. I felt pretty solid in my choices, but sometimes just because you think you’re right doesn’t mean it always works out. I’ve burned myself a few times trying to go crazy with burger toppings that seemed like they’d work but didn’t.

And arrived! My dream burger aptly named The Chuck P Over The Top Burger had come to fruition.

The Chuck P Over The Top Burger at Burgersmith
The Chuck P Over The Top Burger at Burgersmith

It completely exceeded my expectations. This burger looked EXACTLY like I pictured it in my head. The ends of the bacon glistening, the chili pouring over the toppings like a waterfall of deliciousness and the beautiful buttery grilled cheese buns almost moved me to tears. It was almost too perfect to eat. Almost...

Biting into my dream burger was euphoric. The flavor combinations couldn’t have been more perfect with the chili battling everything else to be the star of the show. Every topping I picked came through in each bite. It was a glorious achievement that met every delicious expectation that I had and then some.

After taking a few pics and posting to my Facebook and Instagram pages, my feeds were flooded with a sea of comments from those who were in complete awe of my burger baby!

There were even a few folks who went to Burgersmith and actually ordered my creation!

After the smoke had settled, I sat back and reflected on what I had just brought to life from the top of my grease soaked brain. What a delicious accomplishment, but could such a thing be tried a second or third time? Could I match or even top what was just laid before me?

Stay tuned true believers...

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