Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jimmy John's

Bite and Booze: Jimmy John's in Baton Rouge, LA I had my first Jimmy John's sandwich today and it was pretty darn good.  Jimmy John's is brand new to Baton Rouge.  My friend Kyle Wilkinson, who I've known since early college days, opened it up in the Perkins Road Overpass area.  The sandwich shop has a great atmosphere and is in a perfect location.  My first treat was a #11 Country Club.  It was a fairly standard turkey and ham sandwich with provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomato.  As always, I subbed the mayo for dijon mustard.  I'm not totally against mayo anymore, but it doesn't add anything for me unless the sandwich is completely dry.  That was not the case here!  I got them to add some oil, vinegar, and oregano as freebies to the thinly sliced meat on a fantastic, fresh baked, 8" loaf of french bread.  All in all the sandwich was a success... and for $6, it is hard to argue with the price.  Thanks to Kyle for bringing Jimmy John's to town and good luck with your business endeavor!  If anyone reading this is in Baton Rouge, make sure to go check it out!  They even deliver!

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