Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Lunch Poboy at Downtown Seafood and Grill

Downtown Baton Rouge is alive with places to eat for lunch.  Another hidden gem in the mix on Third Street is Downtown Seafood and Grill.  This little restaurant uses a couple deep fryers and a flattop grill to turn delicious seafood into golden brown delicacies and raw beef patties into fresh 3/4 pound cheeseburgers.  Downtown Seafood does not offer a great variety on their menu but instead does a few things well.  Burgers, poboys, and... well, that's about it really.  I suppose their fried seafood plates are pretty good too, but everyone goes there for the sandwiches!

Downtown Seafood and Grill, Third Street, Baton Rouge

I've been to DSG on multiple occasions and can say that their seafood poboys and burgers are quality, affordable grub.  It certainly isn't gourmet, but it is rather tasty!  On a recent visit I decided to try something a little different and ordered a three-meat poboy instead of fried seafood or a burger.

Three-Meat Poboy at Downtown Seafood and Grill

The sandwich came out hot and fresh.  The meats weren't as plentiful as I had hoped based on how they liberally fling fried shrimp between the french bread on the shrimp poboy.  Their bread is rather good, but nothing that they bake in house or anything.  It usually is the french bread that makes or breaks a poboy in my opinion, and DSG does alright in that regard.  The sandwich included ham, turkey, and roast beef but the only cheese option sadly happened to be the same American cheese that they melt on the burger patties.  Overall it was a satisfying lunch but from now on when I hit up this spot on Third Street I'm going to get a fried shrimp or fried chicken poboy.  Those are the real winners!  Cheers.

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