Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LSU vs Alabama Tailgating: On Campus at LSU

LSU hasn't had a game day like this in a few years.  I just wish it could have been a night game!  Still, even early in the morning activity buzzed around the oak lined parking lots and front lawns of academic edifices.  While wandering around campus to check out some sights with Taylor Mathis, who contacted me to do his "Taylor Takes a Taste" tailgating tour at LSU, I quickly found a guy cooking an elephant right off of South Stadium Drive.  Chef Randy said the elephant's name was big Al.  Poor guy.  He got eaten by Tigers.  After I tried elephant for my first time, our crew went over to the RV lot on the other side of Nicholson Extension where I found Dynamite and Dwayne doing their best work with a deep fryer.  C'est Bon!  Check out the On Campus video from LSU vs Alabama!

Make sure to check us out again for the ULM game on November 13th!  We'll get plenty of footage for Homecoming!  If you'll be cooking something that I just have to check out, make sure to post a comment or let me know where to find you!

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