Monday, January 10, 2011

Bob's Burgers (Fatburger) in Las Vegas, NV

Thanks a Brunch Burger at Bob's Burgers (Fatburger) in Las Vegas, NV
I have to applaud the creativity of the marketing team responsible for this one.  As a campaign to promote the new animated TV show "Bob's Burgers" on Fox, they've temporarily renamed the old-school burger joint Fatburger as Bob's Burgers.  I happened to be Las Vegas this past weekend and decided that I ought to stop in and check it out!  I actually ate at Bob's Burgers on the day of its premier episode!  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can watch a teaser clip here:

Fatburger in Las Vegas is temporarily Bob's Burgers
Bob's Burgers (AKA Fatburger) is an classic burger stand with some pretty decent burgers.  I ordered the "Thanks a Brunch Burger" which came with a fried egg and bacon in addition to all the other traditional toppings.  Naturally, I ordered mine without pickles.  I also opted for the homemade onion rings instead of the steak fries or thin-cut fries.  I'm pretty sure that decisions worked out for the best because the onion rings were mighty tasty.

Homemade Onion Rings with the Thanks a Brunch Burger
The burger itself was a little over 5 oz of beef (their medium sized burger).  It didn't have the lick-your-fingers kind of juiciness that I really enjoy, but the fried egg and bacon made up for the semi-dryness of the ground beef.  There's something about putting a fried egg on a burger, or any other sandwich for that matter, that really appeals to me these days.  Maybe it's just a fad... but I'm loving it (global fast food giant marketing slogan's pun intended).

Fatburger... I mean Bob's Burgers... sits right on The Strip for a cheaper meal option when you've had your fill of prime rib buffets.  While the burger, onion rings, and a drink still ran me over $10, I thought it to be worthy of that price, considering the location.

So the marketing plan got me in the door, and it made me want to watch the show.  The burger and onion rings were deemed worthy enough for me to write a post about them.  Now we just have to hope that Bob's Burgers is actually an entertaining addition to Fox's Animation Domination!

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  1. if u hesitate on going there then i can boldly say you shouldn't! it is awesome place ! i've been to it much times and every another time i find something new for me! by the way i always use to rent a car as i go somewhere


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