Friday, June 24, 2011

Juban's Honey Bourbon

Juban's Honey Bourbon
Does everyone else love Juban's Honey Bourbon as much as I do?  It is pretty simple.  They take Knob Creek bourbon (yep, the same stuff I cooked with on MasterChef) and soak honey comb in it for a while.  Then they just stir and pour... and it is delicious!  I don't go to Juban's without having at least a double.  Are you fan?  What are your other go-to cocktails in Baton Rouge?  Leave a comment on this post or leave me a message on Facebook or Twitter.  I want to know what other local cocktails people can't pass up!  I might even mention your choices on the Bite and Booze Radio Show presented by Calandro's Supermarket!

Oh, and Chef Eusebio Gongora at Fleming's made some of his own recently (for personal use).  Chef Jeremy Coco at the Louisiana Culinary Institute just happened upon some fresh honey comb and will be making some as well.  I'm going to do the same with some honey comb I got from the Bocage Bee and Honey Company.  I'll let everyone know how it all turns out!

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