Friday, June 1, 2012

The Bite and Booze Radio Show is Going Strong!

Londoner Luke, Natalie Ducote, and Myself
The Bite and Booze Radio Show presented by Calandro's Supermarket has been going strong for well over a year now.  The first episode aired April 23, 2011, right after the launch of the all-talk FM radio station from Guaranty Broadcasting: Talk 107.3 FM.  With a year and a month under my belt now, I thought I'd give a little update just to make sure everyone knows the multiple ways you can tune in!  Of course, the first way is to catch it when the show airs from 5-6 PM on Saturdays.  You can also steam it at that time on the Talk 107.3 website or using the Tune-In Radio app.

The show is available as an iTunes podcast.  Follow that link or search "Bite and Booze" on iTunes and subscribe!  Having more subscriptions really helps me out, plus you'll easily be able to listen on your computer, phone, tablet, or anything else that works for you!

The below player is embedded into the Bite and Booze Radio Show page as well as on the Bite and Booze Facebook Page under the radio show tab.  You can access it from your computer any time and listen to all the archived shows.  As a special treat, below you can listen to this week's show before it actually airs!

I've also added a co-host to the show.  Natalie Ducote (not related) has joined me for the past couple months and has done a great job with the show.  Natalie is helping me out with other Bite and Booze things as well, so don't be surprised to meet her or hear from her soon!

The Bite and Radio Show presented by Calandro's Supermarket features original, local content about food and beverages in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, and everywhere I may happen to want to talk about. I'll regularly inform you about culinary events and festivals, interview local chefs, talk to representatives from food based charities and non-profit organizations, chat about my favorite places to eat and drink around town, and much, much more. Please join in on the fun by listening, sending me topics to talk about, let me know your thoughts about bite and booze, or be my guest in studio or over the phone!

The Bite and Radio Show presented by Calandro's Supermarket: Radio Fit for Human Consumption!

Thanks to my fine sponsors:

The show is looking for more advertisers and sponsors. If you are interested or know anybody who might be, I'd be happy to send over a sponsorship packet with more details. Just let me know what I can do!  You can always reach me at

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  1. Hey, thanks for the iTunes tip, I just I never have to miss a show.


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