Friday, September 7, 2012

I Like Cheese!

Cheese is one of those things that is a mystery to a lot of people.  Much like some whisky or bitter beer, you have to acquire a taste for it.  To a real cheese head, the stinkier the better.  I like that.  I like eating cheeses that smell like feet.  However, I often don't really know where to find good cheeses.  It seems like there isn't much made in Louisiana other than some fine goat cheeses.  Why is that?  I'd love if somebody started making a bunch of stinky cheese.

This cheese tray was graciously brought to my room recently at the Hyatt French Quarter in New Orleans in between COOLinary meals at Superior Seafood and Commander's Palace.  Their restaurant and coffee bar, named Powdered Sugar, has a pretty sweet selection of cheeses as well as some nice coffee beverages that I sipped on the next morning.  I was impressed that they brought some small batch cheese from Georgia and South Carolina.  Now I want some Louisiana cheese!  Anyone know of any?  Leave a comment below if you do!

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