Friday, October 19, 2012

New Dining: The Club at LSU Union Square

The Club at LSU Union Square
Back when I attended LSU (don't I sound old now?), I dined somewhat regularly at the Faculty Club.  Most students didn't realize that they could eat there on their lunch breaks between class, so it wasn't too difficult to find a table and eat some decent food as opposed to the fast-food-court at the Union.  I've also attended several wedding receptions at the Faculty Club, so the place holds a special spot in my heart.  Recently, the Faculty Club underwent a face lift and is now re-branded as The Club at LSU Union Square.  I received an invite to come check it out for myself, so of course, I accepted!  The new menu shows off features some pretty stellar dishes and a reasonable wine list... something that I don't recall seeing before.  The menu began with some rotating specials.  I opted for the Seafood Amuse Trio with a stuffed oyster, cucumber crab shooter, and chili glazed fried shrimp on a green tomato puree.  The shrimp stole the show as my favorite of the three, but they were all tantalizing treats to get the meal started.  

Club Scallops
After a couple satisfying salads including a blue cheese wedge and a caprese, it was off to the main courses.  I went for the Club Scallops.  The plate could use some work with its color, but ultimately the dish fared pretty well.  The seared scallops sat atop caramelized onion and fennel.  Off to one side a pile of sweet potato puree graced the plate.  The other side came highlighted with a pool of saffron beurre blanc.  All but one of the scallops had a nice golden sear.  I don't know what happened to the lone fella.  They did all manage to have a great flavor.  The onions and fennel paired very well with the buttery wine sauce and the sweetness of the delicacy from the sea.  The sweet potato puree, while quite tasty, didn't quite seem to fit.  A little green vegetable could have helped with both the plating and tying the dish together.

Counting Sheep
Michele spied the Counting Sheep entree on the menu before I did so I generously let her place the order for it.  The duo of double bone curry dusted  lamb chops crowned separate helpings of mango chutney.  Sweet potato puree also came with the lamb, though the menu called for a Yukon Gold mash.  That being said, the sweet potatoes went nicely with the mango chutney and the gaminess of the lamb.  The little garnish of micro-greens helped the plating as well.  And the best part: the lamb had an excellent sear and a beautiful medium-rare finish.  They pleased the palate with the curry spices and rich flavor.  Unfortunately we ran out of time for dessert because we had to get downtown, but I'm not sure my stomach could have... well, it could have... should have taken much more.  In the end we had a very nice meal right on LSU's campus, and I would most definitely consider returning to The Club at LSU Union Square before events on LSU's campus in the Union, Swine Palace, or any other venue.

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