Monday, November 12, 2012

A Tin Roof BREW Kind of Week

There are two big events on my radar this week, so I wanted to put them on your radar as well.  First, this week is Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week (BREW).  To go along with that, there's a big food truck event going on at the North Boulevard Town Square on Wednesday from 11-1.  Come eat lunch downtown from all the food trucks while they compete to see which one can use the new Tony Chachere's Sandwich Sauces the most creatively and effectively.  Also as part of BREW, I'll be at the SeNSE Pitch Night on Thursday to cheer on The Outdoor Shopper, a show that brings televised shopping to the outdoors... and that I'm the host!  You can find the all the BREW events on their website:

On Friday, Baton Rouge's own Tin Roof Brewing Company celebrate's their 2nd Anniversary in style with food trucks, live music, and much more.  The entire party will benefit Cancer Services.  The event lasts from 5-8, so join me in an evening of eating and drinking like a local!

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