Monday, August 12, 2013

"Month of Salads" Post IV: IPO's Sweet Potato Tuna Salad

Restaurant IPO's Sweet Potato Tuna Salad
So far during my Month of Salads I've had lump crab meat, duck hearts, and fried crawfish tails. I guess today's salad fits in pretty nicely. Restaurant IPO's Sweet Potato Tuna Salad definitely hit the spot when I visited there recently for lunch to chat with Chuck P. and Chef Chris Wadsworth (who you may recognize on the right side of the screen at about the 19 second mark in the video below... oh, and that is BREAKING NEWS). The yellowfin tuna is dusted in sweet potato flour then lightly seared and placed atop mixed greens with some heirloom tomatoes, shaved carrots, and boursin. It is a great, refreshing salad that I could eat over and over again. Maybe I'm starting to get used to this whole idea of salads for lunch!

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