Thursday, November 7, 2013

Baton Rouge Uncorked returns November 14th

Forum 35 is bringing back Baton Rouge Uncorked, and I'm happier than grapes right before harvest. For those who don't know, Forum 35 is a community of young men and women improving Baton Rouge. While the 35 originally kinda meant that members would be under 35, that idea has shifted and it is more a mentality than an age limit of any kind. They do great things in the community like Art Melt, the Reindeer Run, and much more. Now they're running Uncorked which is a fantastically fun wine event that this year (next week, November 14th) will be held at an amazing Baton Rouge space, the Steele Burden Memorial Orangerie at the LSU Rural Life Museum off of Essen.

The Concept
Young professionals gather to celebrate their affinity for wine, their instinct to support a good cause, and their desire to mix and mingle with like-minded people in a fun, casual social setting. 
The Tasting
At each event, different wine varietals are highlighted (this time around it is West Coast Reds). Invitees are encouraged to form teams of up to 3 members and participate in the competition or simply come and enjoy the wine and atmosphere. Each team selects and purchases three identical bottles of its favorite wine to present. Two bottles are bagged, tagged, and offered for blind tasting and scoring. The majority of the third bottles will go into the "pot" to be awarded to the winning team, while some will be grouped together in the silent auction for bidding. At the conclusion of the festivities the scores are tallied, the winners are recognized and awarded the "pot” to split while the lowest scoring wine is returned to its rightful owner to take home. Here it is illustrated:

So sign up now! Get your team of yourself, a couple, or a group of three, and be there!

I'll actually be at Uncorked with Chuck P. from the Me and My Big Mouth Radio Show to record an episode of his show for 96.9 FM WHYR Baton Rouge Community Radio as well as to record an episode of the Bite and Booze Radio Show presented by Calandro's Supermarket on Talk 107.3 FM.

Hope to see you there!

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