Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Women in Whiskey: Whisk(e)y Wednesday Presented by Lock & Key

One Wednesday every month, the Lock and Key Whiskey bar plays host to a crowd of women. Make no mistake; it’s not a “ladies night” thing. These women take over the leather couches to learn about peat, charring, nose and all the linguistics of whiskey. Women are being taught how to talk like a man about whiskey…that sounds like a good time!

Each one of the Women in Whiskey seminars is completely free. Each lady will taste a few drams alongside Brandi with a few notes from Arthur and learn a little about the female history of each bottle they try. This particular installment included 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey, Four Roses Small Batch, and Jefferson’s Reserve.

While the lesson may be filled with fun facts and female history, the tasting is pretty serious. Learning how to pick out smells and flavors on different areas of the palate is turned into a group discussion. It’s loads of fun according to my Chief Confusion Coordinator, Blair Loup. I sent her knowing how much she’d enjoyed a tasting we did with Arthur a few weeks back. A novice when it comes to whiskey, Blair was eager to learn about the vocabulary and proper tasting techniques. According to Blair, it was the difference between playing Cards Against Humanity with three other people, and playing with five or more people. While it can be fun with less people, you reach a whole new level when you’re sharing with a larger group.

If you’ve missed the past two Women in Whiskey events, make sure you keep an eye out on the Lock and Key Whiskey Bar Facebook page for the details of Brandi’s next event!

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