Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The end of an era brings a dilemma: Taco n Sabor is closed

by Blair Loup

Taco n Sabor is closed and it sucks.
Taco n Sabor is closed and it sucks.

How many more lives need to be ruined? We literally cannot with the closure of Taco n Sabor.

I think it's important for Baton Rougeans to recognize the culturally diverse and delicious food scene that exists within our large Latin American community.While La Carreta, Superior Grill and Ninfa’s serve a purpose, they don’t come close to offering the incredible flavors that Taco n Sabor did.  

I understand the lusting after free chips and salsa and the enjoyment of multiple high fructose corn syrup laced albeit refreshing margaritas, but the food simply isn't on par with the truly authentic eateries in the city.

Spicy Beef Gordita at the former Taco n Sabor
Spicy Beef Gordita at the former Taco n Sabor

This closure in particular literally hit close to home for Team Bite and Booze. Located near Bite and Booze headquarters, Taco n Sabor served up some of our favorite, authentic Mexican dishes with friendly and quick in-and-out service not to mention a chance for Jay to put some of those high school Spanish classes to good use. Now that it’s closed, we’re feeling the true definition of the word dilemma. Where the f*(& is our new lunch spot?

This news is absolutely devastating. It’s the kind of news that brings us to our knees with our fists in the air while shouting, “Why?!” at the ceiling. Why must dreams be crushed and lives be ruined?

Tacos at Taco n Sabor
Tacos at Taco n Sabor
We did try to reach out to our amigos at Taco n Sabor but have not heard back on why they’ve closed. While we assume it is likely financial reasons, it certainly could be a personal or professional decision.

Regardless of why this tragedy has unfolded on College Drive, I’m upset. Taco n Sabor taught me that beef tongue is one of my top 5 favorite proteins and made me realize my undying love for Joya Grapefruit Soda. I’ll miss all of the business talks and ideas that Jay and I came up with at their bolted down booths. Most of all, I’ll miss the roasted jalapeños because they were especially delicious.

"I’ll miss the way they stuck the tortilla chips up in the beans on my plate, the cold Mexican cokes, and the spicy beef,” says Jay. “It was so convenient and they were good people. This sucks.”

We’ll never forget you Taco n Sabor. RIP.

If anyone else's pain is as real as ours, please feel free to check out some other amazing whole-in-the-wall Latin American restaurants in Baton Rouge to fill the void: Palo Rojo: 7 (now 6) Places to get Your South of the Border Fix in the Red Stick.

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