Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You Deserve Another Video Break

by Sydney Blanchard

Look, it's Wednesday. We know you're not getting anything done anyway. Instead, watch these cool videos that we had something to do with.

Behold! Below you'll find sexy food shots, Jay scarfing down hot dogs, and Jay plummeting to his (near) death.


Cooking Culture

In which four LCI grads talk about their love of cooking and Baton Rouge

Hot Dog Eating Contest

In which Jay wins a hot dog eating contest

Jay in the Dominican Republic

In which Jay plummets down a steep ravine

The Truck, the Brewer, and the Blogger

In which Jay serves up food for a pop-up event at the Tin Roof Tap Room

Into the Mix

In which Jay eats his way around town with 225 Magazine

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