Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Our 2015 Travels

by Sydney Blanchard

As much as we at team Bite and Booze love to celebrate the local culinary scene, on occasion we don't mind checking out other cities and seeing the best they have to offer.

We got to do a good bit of traveling in 2015, and obviously we blogged about it. Check out our take on Oxford, Shreveport, Oklahoma City, and New York!

Oxford, Mississippi


"Oxford doesn't preen or parade; it waits patiently to unravel itself to curious passersby."


"There’s plenty of old school historic Oxford to fall in love with, but it’s the vibrant group of new culinary talent that captured my attention."

Shreveport, Louisiana


"The general theory tossed around as I was growing up is that North Louisiana is essentially Yankee territory, with a disturbing lack of Catholics, culture, and alcoholic beverages. "


"Sure, they say, the food is phenomenal, but that's not what makes Lucky Palace special. It's the location, the decor, the service."

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


"If there’s one thing I learned about Oklahoma, it’s that it isn't what you'd expect."


"I'm okay with Jay shipping me off to Oklahoma any day. The people are passionate and forward-thinking in a way that's making room for some very cool stuff."

New York, New York

sac a lait

"While winning a James Beard Award is one of the ultimate milestones of a career in the culinary arts, getting invited to cook at the James Beard house is also one of those monumental achievements for aspiring chefs."


"No trip to Momofuku Noodle Bar would be complete without a walk to their sister bakery Milk Bar a few blocks away."

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