Friday, June 17, 2016

The Official Bite and Booze Father's Day Gift Guide

by Sydney Blanchard

I've always been a daddy's girl, and I'm not ashamed to admit my dad is my best friend. We have a lot in common, so I generally have an idea about what he likes (beer, History, books, being left the hell alone). But every year around Father's Day I find myself in a rut.

Here are a few gift ideas from local, Louisiana retailers for the dad who's hard to shop for. Because at some point you realize a tie or an LSU baseball cap just won't cut it.

For when Dad needs a new 'do

He won't know what to do with most of this stuff, so have the experts at Mercer explain it.

Get Dad looking right with a haircut, a shave and all the products necessary to keep his look fresh from Mercer Supply Co., located in 1010 Nic.

For when he wants to link up

He wasn't trying to encourage you to become an engineer with that Lego set; he was trying to watch the game in peace.
Snazzy, locally made cufflinks can complete any look. Try these on for size. Lego cufflinks for all the times he stepped on yours growing up by MyOMyFirefly, or how about these Flamingo cufflinks by Mimosa, perfect for Spanish Town Parade festivities.

What better way to rep Baton Rouge's most tasteless Mardi Gras celebration?

For throwing shade with Pops

Now you'll never be able to tell whether he's listening to you or fast asleep in his rocking chair.

Every dad deserves some cool-as-hell shades, and Krewe Du Optic delivers. Better yet, get matching pairs of these CL-10s to up the cool factor.

For spicing up Dad's spice rack

red stick spice
Dads universally get amped about outdoor cooking.

He might not have been the best chef growing up, but he was always happy to throw some meat on the grill. Help him up his grilling game with this flavor-filled gift box from Red Stick Spice Co.

For the patriotic patriarch

molasses mustard
The bundle includes a T-shirt, Molasses Mustard, Barbecue Sauce, Dry Rub, and a branded koozie. 

He's as proud to be an American as he is to be your dad, and he's already fantasizing about planning his annual outdoor Fourth of July cookout. Get him all his favorite Jay D's products, bundled, for $35.

For the dad rocking the beer gut

tin roof
They drink to forget about how much you've disappointed them over the years.

Dads and beer go together like, well, dads and beer. Head to Tin Roof Brewing Company and grab Dad a 6-pack of his favorite local brew.

For all the times he put food on the table

indie plate
Bolognese, so easy even dads can figure it out.

He changed your poopy diapers and spoon fed you mashed peas. The least you can do is return the favor. Send Dad a healthy, ready-to-cook meal from Indie Plate and get him hooked on local produce.

For the health conscious Dad

slap ya mama
Because he can't eat poorly forever.

He's watching his sodium intake, and he thinks you should, too. Hook him up with some Slap Ya Mama Low Sodium Cajun Seasoning, all the flavor he expects without the guilt.

For when he's feeling athletic

Straight up embarrassing your dad at bowling strengthens family bonds.

He may have taught you everything you know, but that doesn't mean you can't school your old man in bowling. Take advantage of this rad Groupon deal for a night of partying and bowling at Quarters for the whole family.

For the future Daddy-Daughter diner road trip

seat yourself
A perfect gift for the plate lunch aficionado.

Does he like to reminisce about all the great plate lunch places he used to frequent back in the day? Take Dad with you on a tour of South Louisiana's best "seat yourself" eateries with Baton Rouge-based author (and my former journalism professor) Alex V. Cook's latest book.

For the neatest guy you know

You can't go wrong gifting a nice bottle of whiskey.
You love him, but the only way you can tolerate him (and his political opinions) is if you're both a little toasted. Donner-Peltier's LA1 is the perfect sipping whiskey for spending some QT with dad.

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