Wednesday, September 28, 2016

7 of the LSU Area's Best Daiquiris and Frozen Drink Spots

by Marit Schroeder, intern

Frozen drinks are a way of life and I like to consider myself a bit of a connoisseur (college edition) as I’ve tried and tested my fair share of daiquiris, margaritas, and even adult slushies. Too much of my weekly grocery budget goes towards frozen drinks on a sunny day and I have no plans of stopping.

So to help you get ready for Saturday tailgates, I’ve gathered up a few of the best frozen drinks in the LSU area to make your game day just a little bit cooler. Get excited because football season has started and is quickly rolling along!

Zippy’s Burritos, Tacos and More: 3155 Perkins Rd.

Probably the busiest hangout spot for game day, Zippy’s cranks out a colorful selection of daiquiris and margaritas all day. I’m putting in a personal recommendation for my favorite cold drink in town- the Knockout. It’s an orange flavored daiquiri. A large can carry you through the whole day.
Bonus: Zippy’s sometimes even offers up dine-in specials on their drinks for game days!

Lakeside Daiquiri and Grill: 7490 Burbank Dr.

Best known for crawfish boils in the spring, Lakeside offers some killer daiquiris and Jose Cuervo margaritas year round. The best part for return customers is their punch cards- buy 9 daiquiris and get the 10th free! There are only 7 home games this semester, but I guess that just means you’ll have to drink some daiquiris during bye weeks, too.

New Orleans Original Daiquiris: 133 Lee Dr.

With 12 daiquiri or margarita options, these drinks are premade and ready to be cranked out quickly for your convenience on game day. One downside to this shop is that people seem to always be sitting at the bar and doing their best to keep you from putting your order in, so be assertive.

French Quarter Daiquiris: 5201 Nicholson Dr.

Like New Orleans Original Daiquiris, some of the widest varieties of frozen drinks can be found here because Daiquiris is all they do. Their Bourbon Street TKO is a bestseller, but the Cajun Lemonade is the most refreshing for a long day in the sun.

Caliente Mexican Craving: 1072 W Lee Dr.

Caliente’s margaritas are well-loved amongst LSU students for being the best bang for your buck. They let you pick classic, top shelf, or ultimate for your alcohol so you can pick the perfect drink size and percentage for your margarita!

Mikes in Tigerland: 1121 Bob Pettit Blvd.

Although it’s not open during the day for you to bring along to a tailgate, this Tigerland bar deserves a spot on this list for their specialty daiquiri, the Mikes 190. The warning is in the name, but (again just in case) this drink is a knockout with pure alcohol.

Barcadia: 3347 Highland Rd.

New to the frozen drinks game, Barcadia just launched a Daiquiri Bar with eight different flavors. Drinks come in sizes of  20 oz., 32 oz., and gallon so there’s a pick for all parties. Every weekend offers game day specials including deals like the 20 oz. daiquiris for only $5! I personally can’t wait to try the Jungle Juice daiquiri. Yum!


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