Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wakey Whiskey: Templeton Rye

'by Eric Ducote

Hello Bite and Booze readers! I'm sure plenty of you know who I am, but for those who don't, I'm Eric Ducote, Jay's brother and fellow lover of whiskey. For years we have had a tradition of "wakey whiskey" going back to when Jay, myself, and some of our good friends would meet up at 7 AM for every LSU home game to get our Third Row tailgate party set up for the day. It just wasn't a good tailgate morning without a bright and early whiskey drink before getting the party in full swing. Back in those days it was usually cheap bourbon and diet coke, but as we have all grown older and wiser the game day whiskey selections have matured as well.

I know, it's not football season, in fact it's not even close to football season, but a good wakey whiskey doesn't have to be a football-only activity. I believe that a good wakey whiskey is the perfect start to any big day, so long as it's always drank responsibly. Today I'm celebrating the #2 ranked LSU Gymnastics team as they take on #3 Florida this afternoon in Baton Rouge. It's been many years since I've made it to a gymnastics meet, but my wife scored us a pair of tickets, so that's today's plan, and it's an added bonus to make it to such a highly ranked match-up.

In honor of this great occasion, it's time for a wakey whiskey. This morning's selection is a Templeton Rye, AKA "The Good Stuff" from Templeton Rye Spirits. This is an 80 proof rye whiskey that claims to be created from the same recipe that outlaw bootlegger Alphonse Kerkhoff used to create Al Capone's favorite prohibition-era moonshine. 

Wakey Whiskey: Templeton Rye
Wakey Whiskey: Templeton Rye

I typically serve my whiskey with an ice sphere so that it slowly melts and subtly changes the flavor as I drink, although sometimes I also drink them neat. For the Templeton Rye, an ice cube worked just fine. The pour is an amber golden color, exactly what I would expect, and the aroma is a classic spicy rye that hints at spice and cinnamon. Upon first sip, one thing I would definitely say is that this is far smoother than I was expecting for a bottle without a specific age. It's easy on the palate, with more hints of cinnamon and even a bit of sweetness on the back end. I can definitely see why this recipe is referred to as "The Good Stuff" as it is a pleasure to drink.

Most prices I see online are in the upper $30s for a 750ml bottle, which makes this an excellent value in my opinion, perfect for adding to your personal sipping collection or it would make a great gift.

Cheers, #wakeywhiskey, and Geaux Tigers!

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