Thursday, April 27, 2017

All Good Things Must Come to an End: Abby Reflects On Her Internship

by Abby Sewel, intern

February 23rd, 2017 was unusually hot, which gave me an excuse for the sweat stains I had produced my first day on the job with the Bite and Booze Team. The day before, I had come to an interview during which I took two pages of notes because I was entirely too eager. Since becoming a part of Jay’s team, I have learned everything is hands-on. If you need any instruction, Blair (Chief Confusion Coordinator/Spin Doctor) will give you a thorough demonstration of the right way to do it.

The visual learning environment forced me to quickly adapt to the fast-paced nature of the #OfficeHouse and I couldn’t be happier. Within a month I quickly fell into place alongside my fellow interns, anxious to learn anything and everything we can from the inspiring and driven crew that runs this ship.

My main role as a sales intern is assisting our Product Czar and Sauceror of Sales, Chuck Pierce, with product demonstrations in stores that carry Jay D’s brands. I’m fairly certain I was brought on board to basically double check everything before we walk out the door because Chuck’s memory retention is equivalent to Eeyore.

As fun as that sounds, acting as Chuck’s second brain isn’t my sole purpose at the office. I have also created a new and improved product sales sheet for Jay D’s, tagged and boxed countless cases of sauce, prepped Gov’t Taco pop ups, assisted in catering a private dinner party, participated in creative design meetings for Gov’t Taco and even had the honor of assisting in culinary research for the Bite & Booze blog. Now I’m writing my first blog post so I think it’s safe to say that I have a large range of responsibilities.

I snapped this shot of Chuck P. at one of our private dinners.
I snapped this shot of Chuck P. at one of our private dinners.

My favorite part of this whole experience is working as one team while having a rocking time celebrating the culinary culture of Louisiana cuisine.

Thanks to my real-world experience with Jay’s team and my sales training in LSU Professional Sales Institute, I have finally found the direction for my future: sales and marketing in the food and beverage industry.

My interest in food and beverages came from my parents who taught me to be open minded and try new things; your taste buds change every 7 years so you may never know what you’re missing out on if you don’t give it another try! I am a self-proclaimed foodie who has recently decided to make her love of food into a career.

Joining the team, even briefly, has been truly wonderful. I’m forever kicking myself for being late in the intern game and only being able to fit in half a semester, but it’s been the best half semester ever! I’m so motivated to find a job in Virginia with more people like the fine individuals at Bite and Booze so I can learn even more about the industry. Having a goal to reach once I graduate helps distract me from the fact that I unfortunately leave this wonderful #officehouse to explore my future very soon.

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