Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Burgers With Chuck: The Friday $5 Slamburger at Brickyard South

by Chuck Pierce

Located literally “under the bridge downtown” is The Brickyard South Bar (174 South Boulevard), one of my favorite local watering holes. Most of my friends and my band members in The Anteeks practically live there. It’s a great dive bar with character and a damn good bottle selection of craft beers that keeps me happy. 

Fun fact: Brickyard also serves food on select nights. Every other Monday you can enjoy their Dinner On The Patio series and Taco Tuesdays which features free tacos while they last along with $5 double Jamison’s to wash them down. But what I’m here to talk about today is the $5 Slamburger.

Every Friday evening around 6pm bartender Danny Moore fires up the grill and prepares one of the best burgers in Baton Rouge. There’s nothing fancy about his recipe. No deluxe toppings or crazy sauces. No artisan buns. Just a deliciously cooked patty (or patties if you’re feeling wild) that’s well seasoned, topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and whatever condiments you like on a good ole fashioned hamburger bun. That’s it.

The first bite is full of juicy flavor. Seasoned perfectly with a nice seared crust to give it a bit of crunch. I’m normally not a “salad on a burger” guy, but this was so good I didn’t care about the lettuce, though I did remove the tomato. I had them add some mayo and mustard, but honestly, It would’ve been perfectly fine without it. And the buttery toasting of the bun just added to the already great flavor.

Danny does a no frills burger because honestly, he doesn’t need to. To me, the star of any burger is the meat. Hands down. I’ll even take a mediocre bun as long that patty shines through with the right flavor. Salt and pepper, cooked medium and there you go. Some places like to throw every topping in the book on a burger and most of the time that’s a sign, and normally not a good one. Sure, there’s times where one or two additions truly do compliment the burger. But not at Brickyard South. The Slamburger truly speaks for itself.

Next time you’re craving a burger on a Friday afternoon, head on over to Brickyard South, grab a cold beer and try out the $5 Slamburger for yourself. There’s a good chance I’ll be there enjoying one as well.

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