Thursday, June 1, 2017

Unboxing Kitch-inspirtation: The Magic that is CrateChef

by Sophie Spring, intern

The whole office was excited when the CrateChef box addressed to “The Charming Jay Ducote” showed up at the #officehouse. This box, created by Chef Karl Worley featured selections from his restaurant Biscuit Love, with two popular locations in Nashville, and a third coming soon. Chef Worley is known for his southern, homestyle dishes and his warm, fluffy biscuits for obvious reasons.

My challenge: use the box’s ingredients to make something delicious- preferably in the office during work hours. This box was chock full of ingredients: Biscuit Love gravy spice mix and Summer Peach preserves, an Olive and Sinclair 67 percent cacao sea salt chocolate bar, Red Clay Southern hot sauce, Weisenberger Mill stone ground grits, and Aretha Frankenstein Insanely Great Pancake Mix. 

I decided to go for the breakfast route, and have some hot pancakes waiting for the crew when they came in. I used the Aretha Frankenstein Insanely Great Pancake Mix, and the name does not lie. The pancakes turned out fluffy and light, and the batter took all of 3 minutes to make. FIlled with melty Olive and Sinclair chocolate or fresh juicy blueberries, the pancakes were the perfect texture and beautifully golden.

Raspberry and Sea Salt Chocolate Pancakes

Using the Summer Peach preserves from Biscuit Love, I made Whiskey Peach syrup to top the blueberry pancakes. The syrup was fruity and sweet, with a little whiskey kick at the end. With a side of crispy bacon, CrateChef’s goodies gave us a great breakfast to kick off this rainy Wednesday!

Sign up for CrateChef and keep a look out for Jay’s specialized box coming soon!
Below, you can find my recipe for the Whiskey Peach Syrup and try it out for yourself!

Whiskey Peach Syrup:

12 oz jar summer peach jam
¼ cup water
1 oz whiskey
1 cinnamon stick
½ teaspoon vanilla
pinch of ground cloves

Mix all ingredients in a small pot and simmer for 15-20 minutes on low heat. Serve hot over pancakes.

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