Friday, October 16, 2009

Nothing like a Chimes Reunion!

Tuesday night brought upon the latest in a long history of reunions at The Chimes by LSU. The Chimes is a classic eatery and watering hole that is dear to so many in the LSU community and all around Baton Rouge. Their beer selection, which was by far the best in town for a long time, is extensive and various, and their food is always delightful. This particular Tuesday night reunion was brought about by Paul Holbrook who happened to be in town from Chicago and wanted to get together with a group of buddies. Brent came and picked me up, and we rolled to The Chimes where we met Paul and Michael Northington at the bar. They promptly sat us at a table for eight where we ordered a round of drinks (Shiner Bock for me), an order of boudin balls, and two dozen oysters. After all, Tuesday is 35 cent oyster day... all day!

Boudin Balls at The Chimes

Two Dozen Raw Oysters at The Chimes

After a few minutes of feasting on the fried boudin and raw oyster delicacies, we were joined by James Lawson, Brian Thom, and my brother, Eric Ducote.  James ordered a double Talisker on the rocks which is one hell of a Scotch Whisky.  Order one whenever you feel like going top-shelf and you'll see quickly why we call it the "Marksalot".  Talisker is distilled on the Isle of Skye and is a single malt whisky with a strong peat content and a very unique, spicy taste and smell. 

With appetizers and drinks in our belly, the seven of us set our eyes on some main courses.  It is pretty hard to go wrong at The Chimes, and there were some pretty good off-the-menu tweaks to popular dishes, which is common with our group.  I went with one of my favorite sandwiches of all time, that way I could write about it here!  My order: The Chimes Club, fried, on a croissant, no mayo, with a side of alligator sauce, and an order of hushpuppies.  The only thing I did wrong was forget to say "no pickles!"

The Chimes Club, Fried, on a Croissant with Alligator Sauce and an Order of Hushpuppies

This sandwich truthfully is one of my all-time favorites, but not many people have ever enjoyed it.  The normal Chimes Club comes with a grilled chicken breast on whole wheat bread and regular old mayo.  Getting the chicken fried, the croissant added, and the alligator sauce in exchange for the mayo... MONEY!  The warm, buttery croissant melts in your mouth as it fills with the juicy, tender chicken breast that is topped with succulent ham and crispy bacon.  What a feast!  The hushpuppies are one of my favorite side items at The Chimes.  They make one of the best hushpuppies that I've ever had so when I'm there I like to get an order.  They are beautifully fried balls of corn meal and spices that make your mouth water with excitement and anticipation while you slice them open to spread some butter on the inside or just dunk them one at a time into the butter to get a nice coat of cream on the outside.

This Chimes reunion was short and surprisingly sober.  I guess we are all getting older now with jobs to worry about and such.  No worries though.  It was still as great time with fantastic friends, plentiful drinks, and delicious food.  I'll be back many, many more times and continue to have a smile on my face every time.

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  1. I think I drooled a little looking at those oysters.

  2. The Cooper's Special Stout was a nice beer selection, one they don't normally carry!

  3. Just found your blog while looking at Foodbuzz for other BR, LA food bloggers. What do I say but a recent post on the Chimes. True BR there! Love it!


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