Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Poboy at Poor Boy Lloyd's

Downtown Baton Rouge contains quite a few eateries of varying cuisines and price ranges.  One of these establishments that is high on the character charts is Poor Boy Lloyd's at the corner of Florida and Lafayette.  I've already been several times since I started working downtown and I have been satisfied every time.  Poor Boy Lloyd's, as could be guess, is most famous for their poboys but they crank out some other culinary treats as well.  The last time I went was for a very quick lunch so I grabbed a shimp poboy and went about my business.   

When you walk in to Poor Boy Lloyd's you immediately end up in line to order food.  Sometimes the line can get rather long because of the popularity of this downtown dining locale, but it always moves rather quickly.  The staff graciously greats you with a warm welcome (that's my experience, anyway) and gets your drink order before anything else.  Their special board is posted right by the counter and has a mix of usuals as well as some rotating items that always sound really good. 

For this trip I kept it simple and got a shrimp poboy to cure my lunch-time hunger.  I had to get back to the office quickly so I ate a hot sandwich and returned to my other career.  The poboy was decent, but by no means the best.  The shrimp were freshly fried and reasonalbly plentiful.  The french bread was soft but nothing to stand out above the croud.  It was a tolerable poboy that satisfied my hunger but didn't necessarily keep me wanting more once I was finished.  I'm sure I'll be back to Poor Boy Lloyd's because of the character and some of the other specials, but I doubt I'll just get the shrimp poboy again.  I know there are better out there.

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  1. Love this Place, The Best PoBoy's Around !!


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