Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Sunday to Remember... if only I actually could.

Sunday was quite an adventure on many levels.  It began with great gathering at Granny's house with lots of family and friends.  She treated us to her famous Pecan Rolls which never disappoint.  Eusebio was able to come with me to the breakfast and had his first taste of the morning treat.  The dough is homemade, spread thin, layered with pecans and cinnamon, then rolled up, sliced, and baked to perfection.  It is a true breakfast of champions that only a Granny can create.

After breakfast at Granny's and story time with the family and friends, Eusebio and I made our way to New Orleans to join Brandon Brown for a day in the Big Easy to watch the Saints play the Jets.  After arriving at Reverend's apartment we quickly made our way to The Bulldog on Magazine Street to grab a table before the crowd showed up.  We started with a pitcher of Abita Andygator, some King's Nachos, and Tex-Mex Egg Rolls.  I am a pretty big fan of Andygator.  It is a Helles Doppelbock style beer with a 8% alcohol content with a delicious, crisp bite to it.  Matt Mediamolle and his buddy Gary joined us at the Bulldog in time for the game.  Throughout the game we proceeded to have pitchers of Nola Brown, Nola Blonde, Abita Purple Haze, and quite a few more.  It was a great time, the Saints won, and everybody was happy.  Oh, and the beautiful Amanda Callais came and joined us as well.  The nachos and egg rolls were typical pub food.  Very satisfying while drinking beer in a bar, but nothing to rave about here.  When we left the Bulldog we went over to see Matt and Gary's apartment, drank a few Champagne of Beers, and then decided it was time for Sushi Brothers on St. Charles... we had heard good things.

Sushi Brothers is cozy a little Japanese restaurant that provides a comfortable atmosphere and spectacular sushi.  We started with a nice squid salad and some salty edamame.  The two appetizers complimented each other very nicely and our meal was already off to a terrific start.

Eusebio, Brandon, and I all ordered some Kirin Ichiban bombers to take care of our thirst as we awaited our first sushi rolls.  Round one included a Louisiana Roll, a Crunchy Dynamite Roll, and an Uptown Roll.

The Louisiana Roll made me a little nervous since one of the key ingredients was pickled okra but after the first bite I quickly got over my fear of all things pickled and realized that the roll was rather flavorful.  The Crunchy Dynamite Roll was a fairly standard version of the always delightful classic.  The Uptown Roll contained yellowtail, snow crab, and avocado, topped with eel sauce.  The flavors meshed very well together and all three rolls were a treat... but they just got us warmed up for what came next.  I present the Tiger Roll, the Rock'N'Roll, the LSU Roll, and the FEMA Roll!

The Rock'N'Roll was a beautiful creation of tempura shrimp, snow crab, avocado, and asparagus with an eel sauce on top.  The LSU Roll also featured tempura shrimp but this time it was paired with cream cheese and some other goodies and topped with fresh tuna and avocado.  The roll had a good taste at first but was soon overpowered by the cream cheese... so much so that I don't remember what else was in it.  The FEMA Roll sported salmon, snowcrab, avocado, and asparagus rolled in rice and soybean paper then topped with spicy tuna, smelt roe, and a special sauce.  The FEMA Roll had a whole lot of flavors that came together to produce something... interesting.  The spicy tuna on the top was rather mushy and definitely belongs inside a roll and not on top.  A lot of the other ingredients were items that we had tasted before and this time it was just too much, and FEMA was an edible disaster compared to the other rolls we ate.

The star of the show was the Tiger Roll.  It started with a delicious dynamite roll as the base and was then topped with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and barbeque eel.  The fresh fishes that laid atop the Tiger Roll had terrific textures and sensational flavors.  It was a truly delightful sushi roll that I would certainly be willing to go back and eat again.  Overall Sushi Brothers proved to be a great experience, especially after a day of beer drinking and football watching.  The meal was delicious from the first bite to the last.  It had a few rocky parts along the way and there were a couple of the rolls that we tried that I would not order again... but mostly only so that I could try something else instead.  The Tiger Roll was money.  It was really about as good as any sushi roll I've indulged on before.

What a Sunday!  And wait, Monday is the Baton Rouge Culinary Classic!  Stay tuned for that update.

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