Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alabama's White Sand Beaches: Part II

Saturday morning came early after night one in Alabama, but Eric and I were ready to head to Tacky Jacks for breakfast to meet the rest of our blogger gang. I had heard good things about Tacky Jack's and had already been told by Lori that I was going to be ordering a Farmer's Omelet, so I prepared myself to be stuffed.

The Large Farmer's Omelet at Tacky Jacks Took Up the Entire Plate!
The omelet utilized two egg cakes (they looked like pancakes) to serve as the outer layers of this over-stuffed gargantuan breakfast.  Between the two layers of eggs there were potatoes, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, sausage, and ham, with plenty of American and cheddar cheese located inside and on top.  As if this wasn't enough food, the Farmer's Omelet also came with a choice of bread, so I opted for the biscuit which was sliced in half, coated in butter, and toasted on the flat top.

The omelet itself didn't quite live up to the overall atmosphere of Tacky Jacks.  It is a pretty neat place right on the water with multiple levels of outdoor deck seating.  I'd gladly go back for the culture... and for the Bushwackers!!

The Famous Bushwacker at Tacky Jacks
The Bushwacker is Alabama Gulf Coast's famous alcoholic beverage... so I had two or three for breakfast!  Tacky Jacks' version of the creative concoction mixes white rum, coconut rum, coffee liqueur, and a little 151 proof rum over vanilla ice cream.  This Bushwacker put its stamp on the meal and most certainly earned its spot as my favorite Bushwacker if Gulf Shores/Orange Beach!

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  1. Going back to Gulf Shores. Cant wait to stop in and get my lips on another Tacky Jack bushwhacker! I love them! Their Swai is the best in town. Alligator bites are good but overpriced for what you get. Good Shrimp, Good atmosphere, Good overall. I generally go to Tacky Jacks II in for Morgan. Been to Tacky Jacks I one time. It was good too. Have not eat breakfast there.

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