Friday, November 19, 2010

LSUCxC Inside the Communication Studios with Jay Ducote

If you missed the live show or the live ustream feed of my interview with LSU Communication Across the Curriculum (@lsucxc), you can watch/listen to the whole thing below!  This was recorded live in Studio 151, Coates Hall, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La. on 11/17/2010.  There is a slight audio glitch at the very beginning but after that everything works fine.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Here is a table of contents featuring the highlights for those who might not want to watch/listen to the whole thing!

2:15 Things get kicked off
3:00 When did I decide my passion and how I got started with Bite and Booze
6:00 How I decided to start a blog
8:35 How did I decide how I would promote Bite and Booze (Facebook, Twitter, and more)
9:15 Shout out to Foodbuzz
11:25 Town Favorites Magazine and other local publications and how that gives credibility, "just a blogger"
14:30 Communication and sense of community, community around food
16:00 Baton Rouge Social Media Association (@BRSocMe) shout out
21:45 Q: How many hours do I spend on the blog/blog activities during a typical week?
22:20 Shout out to the Tin Roof Brewing Company
23:00 Mention of video for Raising Cane's and talking about turning hobby into money
24:40 Q: Have you thought about moving or going anywhere else for your blog?  Do you get any travel opportunities from the blog?
27:35 Q: How do I write differently about something like tailgating where it is individual cooks vs writing about a restaurant or professional chefs? How do approach asking strangers for food, etc.?  Talking about filming the LSU Tailgating videos!
29:20 Q: Can you talk a little bit about your Twitter strategy?  Difference between Twitter and Facebook in communications and communities.  Giving BBQ some love, tailgating, etc.
34:55 Q: (I like this one, thanks Lindzee!) Do you feel it's creepy to just randomly reply or mention people on Twitter?
36:00 How do you monitor yourself online and see what is happening related to you and your blog?
40:20 Talking about the other Jay Ducotes in the world
41:05 Q: Are the great opportunities out there coming to me or am I having to actively seek them out?
42:15 My good advice for the day, mention of Ninja Snowballs Videos
44:05 Getting paid to do certain things but not others... a little journalistic integrity
44:50 Tony Chachere's/CSS Tailgating Cook-off
47:00 What should other people be trying to do right now to be successful?  Attitude about networking.  "What can I do for you" attitude?
48:20 "What's Cookin'?" - That's for you, Tommy.
48:50 Q: How can vote for you in the cook-off?
49:40 Q: Who are the other two finalists competing with you in the cook-off?

And that's it.  Thanks to everybody at LSU HHS, CxC, and more that invited me to speak and put "Inside the Communication Studio" on.  I really appreciate the opportunity, and I look forward to doing it again in the future!  Feel free to share this with all your friends who may have missed it!

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